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19 March 2012

The Covet List

Here's another newbie amongst our features, The Covet List, brought to you every week to showcase items that we just can't be without...or would really love to own (as is most likely the case!)

This week's selection seems to revolve around hot, bright colours and lounging around.  Perhaps we're subconsciously wishing ourselves away to warmer climes?

1. Morocco lights by Cable & Cotton, £22.95 | 2.  Red bike temporary tattoo, Tattly, $5 | 3. Marni for H&M collection | 4. Carmen bed linen at Zara Home | 5. Sathya cushion at Zara Home, £29.99 | 6. Ms Twiss platform wedge at Irregular Choice, £129.00

1 comment:

  1. Just ordered the bike tattoos- they are fab!

    Caroline xx