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22 March 2012

iPhone Junkies! Get On Your Case!

So there we were, floating around the blogosphere on the rare occasion that we get to put our feet up for five, when we came across these oh-so-fabulous beauties by Etsy genius Jenn H at On Your Case.

Now, if you're surgically attached to your iPhone as much as we are then you sure as hell need at least one of these bad boys. We picked out a few of our favourites because there are literally hundreds to choose from. And yes, we want them all on rotation. 

All cases are dye printed meaning the designs won't rub off after a few weeks and simply snap on over your 4 or 4S models. Couldn't be simpler. And very affordable too at just over £11.  A truly stylish bargain. 


  1. Not got the iphone4 yet but might have to get the case just in case I do ;) these are brilliant!

  2. Wow! Awesome case! Anyways, I'll tell ya how to get the purple light take ur iPhone 4 and above. Go into a dark room with a tv remote. Open camera and point the remote at the phone and press buttons on the remote. Purple light your welcome. HAPPY HOLIDAY!!