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29 March 2012

Our Top Five TV & Movie Homes

Today's post is really just a bit of fun. I'm sharing my top five TV and movie homes, as in the homes (or sets) that really make an impression on you and leave you wishing it was yours. You've mentally moved in by the time the credits roll...know what we're talking about?

So I started trying to put together a list of ten, then discovered that there wasn't any photographic evidence of several (boo!) so I stuck to five...

FIVE: The house from 'UP'
Image © Pixar

An utterly genius idea. How many of us wish we could just up-root our house and float it away to somewhere else more...desirable? Oh and so what if it's only pen and ink?

FOUR: The Banks' Home, 'Father of the Bride'
Image © The Emancipation of J.RO

Speaks for itself really, the perfect all-American family home, full of wholesome family memories. Sigh.

THREE: Allie & Noah's House, 'The Notebook'
Screen shot via Hooked On Homes

When you can see through all the tears, this house is an absolute blinder, fixed up through pure love and devotion and all in the hope that his Allie would come home to him. Blub.

TWO: The Fisher Family Funeral Home, 'Six Feet Under'
Image © Urbanhikingleague

Ok, ignore the funeral home part, that freaks me out. But I love the massive entrance hall, kitchen and the back garden. 

ONE: 'Bramasole' Under The Tuscan Sun
Screenshot taken here.

This house is the house that sparked what so far has been a five year love affair with Italy, the house that spurs me on to make the move happen. Real talk! When I'm having a low "this is impossible" kind of day, I think of Bramasole and it keeps me going. One day, Tiff, one day...

You had some great suggestions over on our Facebook page, tell us what makes your top five...


  1. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rV6rNqin4P8 Someone actually did make the Up House and fly away in it!

  2. My favourite-ist TV programme ever is Hart to Hart and I always thought they had a pretty great house too :-)
    Best wishes, Jenni (from BYW)