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24 March 2012

Something For The Weekend

The Weekly Round-up

This week saw...

☞ All new The Covet List-objects and items we desire! ☞ Our interview with knitting guru Stephanie Dosen of Tiny Owl Knits as we discussed The Beekeeper's Revolution ☞ Pinterest Pic of the Week #2 ☞ A little bit of product porn in the form of On Your Case's iPhone cases (WANT!) ☞ The second in the Curb Your Curiosity series with knitted upholstery designer Melanie Porter.


We've enjoyed hunting around our favourite blogs for some crafty projects if you've time on your hands this weekend...

Glass Jar Typography by Oh Happy Day

We love event planner Jordan's DIY projects and these beauties are amazing! The best part about it? Not only can you use up old jam jars but you can use any font you like which can only be a good think for font obsessives like us. The total cost for this project? The price of a paint pen. Pure brilliance.

© Oh Happy Day

DIY Elbow Patch

A little more time consuming but this is something you can do when you're kicking back later on. Needle felting. It's a whole new world...

Image © Honestlywtf

Mui Mui Inspired Canvas Shoes

Do you remember buying fabric pens and designing your own T-shirts when you were a kid? The same principle applies here as Nina Soares Dias of Fashion Insanity shows us. The best thing about it is you can apply any design to a simple canvas shoe for next to nothing!

Image © Fashion Insanity

Got any projects of your own to do this weekend? Tell us about it!

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