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8 April 2012

The Covet List

A happy Bank Holiday Monday to you on this Easter weekend! So how was it for you? Did you gorge yourself with chocolate until you slipped into a sugary coma? Believe it or not I'm yet to have eaten any of my choccies over the weekend, I'm a little OCD when it comes to rationing my treats ;)

This week's The Covet List is a mixture of things I fell in love with on my adventures over the weekend and a little bit of a TV gem in the form of the BBC's White Heat. I urge you to catch up on it if you haven't, it follows the lives of seven flat mates over the period of 4 decades and not only are the intertwined story lines utterly captivating, but there's some brilliant fashion flashbacks in there too.

Keep it coming with your photos, it's exciting to see them appearing on Instagram (#outoftheblue) and our Flickr group and I'm looking forward to sharing some of them very soon. Now go on-get out and enjoy your extra day off...and maybe leave something special for a stranger to find ;) 

1. White Heat, BBC2 | 2. Assorted Latte Bowls,  £3.50 Anthropologie | 3. Gracie purse, £67.50 Mimi  | 4. Rabbit Pendant, Servane Gaxotte | 5. Handmade Round Bead Necklace, £20.69 JullMade | 6. Rustic Wooden Letter Hooks, £22.00 Not On The High Street

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