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12 April 2012

DIVAGEEK Album Launch: "He Said, She Said"

This afternoon's post is an important one for me, it's about supporting friends. In particular two very talented people I met about 6 years ago over Myspace. If you have/had an account there's an option to add  music to your page, so for a while this was mine. Back in the day I was a complete garage head (when it was good) and I absolutely rinsed this track for quite some time, so it was a total surprise when vocalist Vula Malinga got in touch to thank me for using it. Ummm....ok! At the time Vula had just teamed up with dance/electronica dream team Basement Jaxx (Oh My Gosh was our track of the moment when Rob and I met) so it was pretty amazing that from that moment onwards we struck up a friendship based on our love of music. I met some exceptionally lovely people through her too who became mutual friends.

Ben Jones is the kind of guy that could actually make you sick with envy if you let him. He's an incredibly skilled drummer and guitarist, he plays keys and oh yes-he's a producer too. To top it off, he's a really nice bloke and Vula's other half. Throwing up yet?

We loved them so much that we had them play at our wedding and in the following years we came to support them at their own gigs and were especially excited when they formed DivaGeek-they work at their very best together. It's been a few years of incredible highs and some difficult lows, especially trying to do it their own way on their own steam, but they did it! Here's a little taster...

Tonight is a BIG night for DivaGeek. Tonight their debut album "He Said, She Said" drops and given that I've not seen either of them since Mini Monsieur was born, it's a big deal for me. So if you're at a loose end tonight, fancy witnessing live music at its very best and want to dance til your feet bleed...get yourself here:

The Place: CAMP (The City Arts & Music Project) 70-74 City Road, London, EC1Y 2BJ
The Time: 7pm-1am.
Entry: £6

USB albums are also available exclusively for tonight only-stuff your CDs, this is the future!

Go "get it do" you two, see you tonight ;)


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