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18 April 2012

DIY Star Garlands

I'm a huge fan of decorative paper items. As a medium it's incredibly versatile and easy to work with. Today I'm sharing how to make paper or card stars, they're so simple and make a fantastic backdrop or even a mobile. Not a fan of stars? you can try this with virtually any shape...

Coloured or patterned card or paper-I chose metallics.
☞ A star template (I used a cookie cutter!)
☞ A pencil.
☞ A sharp craft knife or scissors.
☞ A sewing machine well stocked with thread (don't forget your bobbin!) I used white and grey.
☞ String to bind them together or a board to wrap them around as you sew (stops them tangling).

Step One:
Draw out your stars on your card a block at a time and cut them out. Keep in mind to draw them relatively close together to save on wastage.

Step Two:
Cut out your stars and put them all in one place (I used a freezer bag). This is the bit that takes the time so do this whilst you're in front of the telly or relaxing.

Step Three:
Get set up in front of your sewing machine and set it to a basic running stitch. Leave a couple of inches of thread before stitching vertically through each star, leaving an inch or two of a gap between each one (once I had a regular speed going I found it helpful to count a few seconds between adding the next one in). Having a pile of them at grabbing distance also helps to ensure you maintain a decent speed.

Ok, so I didn't use this one, but it's so beautiful!

Step Four:
If you're worried about your stars tangling, attach the start of the thread to a thick piece of card and wind them on as you go. Alternatively, once you've reached the desired length, cut off the end and fold each star back-to-back until they create one bundle and tie them closed with string. If you're hanging them en-masse as a backdrop, leave the starting thread at the top ready to attach to your pole/wall. When they're all lined up as you want them, untie the string and they'll magically unfold tangle free!

All wrapped up!

Step Five:
Hang those beauties with pride!

Images © Tiffany Grant-Riley

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