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19 April 2012

Having It All - A Cottage Industry

This afternoon I have a short and sweet post as part of the Having It All series from graphic designer and mother of two Onneke van Waardenburg. Currently at the in-between stage of childcare with her daughter about to start school she is looking forward to seeing a shift in the way she works...

Onneke and her daughter Olive.

I am a self employed juggling mum of 2. I work as a freelance graphic designer and I sell a small range of gift products on Not On The High Street

Girl in the teapot print

Personalised birth date apple print

It's busy and crazy but I also believe that working and doing my own thing has kept me sane, and over the years I have learned to say that it's alright that I always have a full wash basket and that I am never on top of anything. I wouldn't have been able to do it if I didn't really love my work. I don't mind working a few nights a week. I have also always told myself that it will only be for a few years. When my youngest goes to school in September, I will have five days a week that I can work until 3. That has always been my desire: to be able to work when the kids are in school, but still be there for them after school. 

The good thing about working from home is that you can do these things at the breakfast table…although my work room is my little heaven. It's back to school and play school here today, after a two week holiday and it's great to have some piece and quiet again… 

I have work space envy-so beautifully organized!

 I think the beautiful thing about running a creative business from home is that the creativity runs through the whole of our lives. A lot of times I will be drawing or working out designs at the table downstairs, the kids join in with their own papers and raid the recycling box to make things themselves. On busy days I take the kids into my work room and make them their own little office which they adore. And because I have to do my post office run every day, the kids love playing post offices, hence the little post box…

The image above is a series of illustrations that I was working on for an Alphabet. My little girl found them and had a little go at improving them. I learned my lesson that day, to put all my work away from the kids and to set really strict rules about not going anywhere near mummy's desk. 

Thanks for sharing your thoughts with us Onneke, I love that you share your creativity with your children-it's a great way to make them feel included and you can get your work done at the same time!


Tomorrow we meet a mum trying to split herself into five! 

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  1. I must say that O. had a good taste while decorating your Alphabet project ;) xxx