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17 April 2012

Having It All - A Family Business

Following on from last week's post, 'Having It All Syndrome-Is It Really Worth It?' where I examined the realms of self-employment combined with parenthood I asked several mums to tell us about their point of view on the subject. Every day this week I'll be sharing their experiences and today we meet stationery designer and mother to one, Michelle Lewis...

"I’m a married mum of one lovely little girl called Lauren and I’ve been self-employed for just under a year now, running a design business called ‘Something Kinda Cute’which specialises in quirky wedding stationery and recently expanding into events production too.

I work from home which I love but it has it’s good and bad points. It’s great being here for when Lauren comes home from school, I feel like I see her a lot more than when I was getting home at gone 7pm every night. A bad thing I guess is all the distractions.  

I had Lauren when I was 20, I didn’t really have any preconceptions of how motherhood would be but I did have a clear idea of what type of mother I wanted to be and this included that I wanted her to grow up watching me achieve my goals and overcoming any problems along the way, inspiring her to be a strong, independent woman.

Although I was a single mother for 5 years (until I met Craig) I feel quite lucky as she was such a good child and adapted well to all my different circumstances including moving away for me to go to university, non conventional jobs I’ve had in the past and recently starting my own business. 

I do have times when everything comes to a head and find myself panicking and stressing as it doesn’t seem like I have enough time to do everything I need/want to do and I have questioned ‘why I am doing it?’ ‘is it worth it?' I guess all the good things out-weigh the bad, I would never feel complete or content doing anything else now, I know how proud Lauren & Craig are of me and how it is paving a future for Lauren and inspiring her to follow her dreams too.  She has even started to create her own jewellery out of old toys, designed flyers for her school events and has given me ideas for my designs.

I think I’m still getting to grips with routine and limits... I think quality is better than quantity so as long as we have a few memorable times a month doing the things we love together then I try not to feel too guilty when I’m working non-stop. My family get involved in my work, Lauren helps me at wedding fairs, she even makes ‘to do lists’ for me.

When I was in full time employment I was the person who took care of the house with help from my husband, but since I have been running my own business, my husband and I have swapped roles, which we think is fair as the job that he does isn’t high pressured and he never brings it home with him.  I guess I’m lucky to have a husband that is willing to do it, as I know a lot of women who literally have to do everything!"

Thank you for sharing your experiences with us Michelle, Lauren is clearly a very bright and talented young lady who can only have benefited from the upbringing you've given her. Learning to grow with your business is a daily challenge without a doubt but it's so very rewarding when you can afford to step back see how far you've come. Best of luck!


Tomorrow we meet a new mum with a brand new business...

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  1. This is a really interesting series and I will be coming back for the next one!

    Also I LOVE Michelle's work. It's really original for wedding invites. I'm afraid I'm already married so I can't use them myself but I'll check you out and keep you in mind for anyone else!