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3 April 2012

Learning To Say "Yes".

Over the weekend I actually found the time to watch a film with the husband-a rare occasion in our house given we're sat on opposite sides of the sofa each evening working once our son is in bed! The film we rented was 'Yes Man' starring Jim Carrey. Now for the trailer...

Ok, so it's text book and cheesy but not only was it hilariously funny, it was actually really inspiring.

It got us both thinking, just how much would open up to us if we learnt to say yes more often? It's true that our lives have become somewhat closed off since becoming parents and our businesses have taken off. We used to find time to get to gigs, go out for dinner, plan a week away (remind me what that is again?!) Time is precious now and how we use it depends entirely on what's best for our son, whose client needs what and when and of course, what's left once all the domestic stuff has been done. It's pretty easy to see why we're precious about what we do with what's left, so we're guilty of fobbing friends off when the invitation "out" arises.

The theory Jim Carrey's character follows is of course flawed given that he interprets that he has to say yes to everything. That's not what we're aiming for believe me. If that were the case I'd have 50 weddings to plan for free stacked up in the diary! It's about leaving yourself open to opportunity and positive thinking and the anticipation of the doors that open from saying "yes".

So, natural pessimist that I am, from now on I'm pledging to be open to opportunity and think before I say no. Please don't gag, I really think it could work!

What about you-are you an eternal pessimist like me or are you a "yes man"? 


  1. I am a yes person and it's opened my world up to new opportunities. I have sometimes I have said yes when I shouldn't have but the good far outweighs the bad. I fully reccomend it ;)

  2. I here ya!! About to take a weeks break to reflect on the above. Life has gone off-balance somewhat. xxx

  3. Love this Tiff, a funny way of putting something forward that really actually makes you think about how many opportunities or experiences you might miss out on to enrich your life if you keep saying 'no'! ;)