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4 April 2012

Love Letters

A few months ago I was catching up in a very impersonal way with a friend in Holland over Facebook chat. One of the things she mentioned was how much she missed having beautiful stationery on which to send letters to friends and family as she did when she was younger. Personally, my memories of letter writing are being forced to sit at the table with my siblings to churn out a mountain of thank you letters after Christmas or my birthday!

These days it's all too easy to send a text, an email or write on someone's "wall" so, in true Curiosity Project style, I'm taking it back to basics and challenging you to write someone you love an old fashioned letter. Here's a delicious selection of paper goods to whet that nib...

Letterpress Dachshund Notecards by Vintage Princess

Marby & Elm notelets

Cat's Pajamas & Bee's Knees postcard set by The Black Apple

Chevron Mini Cards by Love Sweet Caroline

Perhaps over the Easter weekend, you might find a little quiet time to sit and put pen to paper and really think about the message you're sending. Use the space on the paper wisely and enjoy watching the ink flow.

Happy writing!


1 comment:

  1. I have a friend in Holland and instead of emailing each other, we send each other letters or postcards. She started it a few years ago, I'm very guilty of going the easy, digital way, but once I received a postcard from her and realised how much fun it is to get something personal, handwritten in the post, I sent one back and now we rarely send emails anymore. Yes, it does take a bit of time, but it's worth the effort!