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2 April 2012

NEW! STARTING TODAY! The 'Out Of The Blue' Project

YEEEEEHAAAAAAA! (Jumps up punching the air) today marks the start of a brand new project, 'Out Of The Blue' and I cannot wait to see how this one goes down!

What's It All About?

Unlike our box projects, there are no boxes, swaps or registration involved in this. You can take part wherever you are in the world and be confident in the knowledge that your box won't go awol in the post or other similar scenarios. If you've no idea what I'm talking about, check out the previous swap projects.

'Out Of The Blue' is a project based on random acts of human kindness. The gratification is entirely in the giving as there is nothing received in return on this occasion. I want to create a mini-movement (not of the bowel variety) here, spreading smiles everywhere from unexpected places, just "out of the blue". It's entirely anonymous. 

Still got your attention? Here's how to get involved...

"Ok, but what happens once my gift has been found?"

This part is dependant on the recipient doing their part. On the little downloadable tag below are instructions to go to the website. Once they arrive here, they'll find this page which tells them to post a photo to one of the two locations above just as you'll have done when you left your gift. They'll also be invited to get in touch.

The exciting part of this project is to see how many strangers (or oblivious friends and family) get in touch to share their experiences of finding your little gifts. 

How long does it run for?

This project runs up until June 1st 2012 and I'll be featuring the best of the pics over the next two months here on the blog. 

Is there an age cap?

You have to be 16 or over to take part in this project. 

Just Remember...

not to take this too seriously, it's purely in the name of fun. So, if you know you're likely to take it personally if your gifts don't get captured, this might not be the right project for you. Think of it as casting a balloon off into the atmosphere...

I'm excited to hear your responses. Will you be taking part? What will you be leaving? Show some love and GET TO IT!!!!




  1. Brilliant idea ... can't wait x

  2. This is my first project! So i'm excited it's a little different. Will see what I can do! Challenge accepted!

  3. Am loving this idea! Very good choice. Am looking forward to taking part .. Hmm, what to do .. x

  4. Why is the tag so big!? Can't we have a smaller version? Or is it meant to be so that it is very visible?

  5. What a lovely idea, I am in! x Abi Ellson

  6. Can't wait to get started! Are we allowed to wait and see who picks it up? Sophie x

  7. So excited for this, I can't wait! x

  8. Loving this and have some 'gift' ideas already... Now to pick my spot ;)

  9. This is a really great idea. Not sure where to start with gifts, I'll need to get my thinking cap on! But really looking forward to taking part.

  10. Oh how exciting. I shall have fun doing this :-) xx

  11. Vintage Blackberry2 April 2012 at 21:11

    I shall certainly give it a whirl, very exciting!!!!!!!!

  12. fab idea!!

    going to have a go :)

  13. I'm definitely in, sounds wonderful!

  14. Oooh, lovely! I'm in, Curiosity, I'm in!

    Shall link to this on my blog too: http://thejoyofsew.blogspot.com

    S x

  15. Thank you for your enthusiasm everyone-I'm so pleased you love the idea! In answer to a couple of your questions:

    • Yes, by all means stand at a distance and watch and see who picks up your gift (just don't look like a stalker!)
    • The tag should be a normal size when you download it, we had to make it to 300dpi to make sure it didn't distort when printed, however if you'd prefer it smaller you can resize it yourself when you go to print it. Hope that helps!

    Enjoy yourselves and don't forget to post those pics!

  16. What a wonderful idea! Can't wait to send my gifts out into the wild.

  17. This is such a wonderful project idea Tiff, I find it so inspiring and heartfelt, well done you, will be spreading the word and looking forward to participating xXx

  18. Fabulous idea - can't wait to get involved!

  19. Wonderful idea! I'm totally in!

  20. We're in!!!
    My 2 teens are also hooked on the idea so plan to spend their weekend leaving little white lunchbags filled with creme eggs and Easter cards all over town.
    Instagrammed the first two drop-offs today.
    They justified the purchase of copious amounts of eggs by telling their father that we were participating in a social science experiment. ;-D