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18 April 2012

'Out Of The Blue' Gift Watch

I have just one little gift to feature for our 'Out Of The Blue' project this week-it seems our sudden downpour of April showers is preventing everyone from depositing their gifts. Keep that enthusiasm going though please, I'd love to have messages coming in from all sorts of recipients everywhere!

Anyway, last week I noticed that someone had left a little message on the Facebook page. It read...

"I was at Saunder's Garden Centre near Weston-super-Mare today and I found a knitted octopus, with a lovely message, "please take me home, I'm all yours." So here I am leaving a message to say thanks. My daughter Charlie has claimed the octopus. Thank you its made me smile xxx"

and here is that little octopus, left by Catriona...

So I hope this inspires you to get out gifting when the sun comes out again!


1 comment:

  1. Yayy!
    Just when I was beginning to give up on human nature, someone took the time to say thank you.

    Hope Charlie enjoys her lil octopus :)

    P.s. Catriona, he's soooo cute!