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26 April 2012

'Out Of The Blue' Gift Watch

Wowzers! You've been busy bees haven't you? We're just over three weeks into our 'Out Of The Blue' project and whilst the Instagram side of things has been rather quiet, you've been using the flickr group really well and coming up with some cute ideas for little gifts...

Beautiful felt bird left outside Edinburgh by Paper Blossom

Bake For Britain on a bench, left by Dorothy Does in Swanage

Dorothy Does knitted Olive Owl for a lucky recipient in Swanage

Crocheted whale left in Abbey Gardens, Bury St Edmunds by Cjcsew

A little floral package left by Presencefelt

It seems we're all still waiting for another member of the public to get in touch with us, despite evidence that gifts have been taken. Whilst it's a lovely feeling knowing you've made someone smile during their day, it's always nicer to hear from them, right?

Hopefully when we get a break in monsoon season there'll be more little offerings to be left in the sunshine.


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