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11 April 2012

The Parlour at Fortnum & Mason

Over the Easter weekend my husband and I had the pleasure of taking afternoon tea at The Parlour, Fortnum & Mason. Given that we don't get a great deal of "quality time" on our own anymore it was a real treat! 

We jumped the queue (reservations daaaarling) and were guided through a bright and lively restaurant to our table, instantly falling in love with the 1950s inspired decor. 

All the walls are painted like an ice cream sundae!

The menu was utterly drool-worthy, boasting an impressive selection of ice cream and Viennese cakes -you'd have to go back for several sittings to really experience the variety on offer. We were particularly taken with the ice cream cakes and decided to go for the tea for two to get a general feel for what was on offer. 

For me, the experience of having afternoon tea is as much about the crockery as it is the cakes themselves. Isn't this set by Fortnum & Mason just gorgeous?!

 Whilst Rob waited for his tea to steep, I tucked into a ginger beer float-having not had one of these since I was about 10 years old it was a real trip down memory lane. Oh, and the ginger and borage ice cream was out of this world!

Our cakes and scones arrive.

We were told by our waitress to eat these up quickly as they'd melt. Didn't need to tell us twice.

Building my fruit scone. 

 It took all of one hour for us to scoff the lot and you'd be surprised at how filling it was! We spent the rest of our day pottering around London at our own pace and felt fully cosseted at the end of the day.

Thank you Fortnum & Mason!

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  1. That all looks rather delicious! *puts on list of places to go*