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14 April 2012

Something For The Weekend

The Weekly Round-up

Last week saw...

☞ The Covet ListPinterest Pic of the Week #5  ☞ I talked about juggling business with babies- Having It All Syndrome-Is It Really Worth It? ☞ You've been leaving sweet little gifts all over the place for strangers to find for the latest project: Out Of The Blue! Gift Watch ☞ The Parlour at Fortnum & Mason, afternoon tea! ☞ Supporting some incredibly gifted friends, DivaGeek album launch "He Said, She Said" ☞ This week's Curb Your Curiosity interview is with ceramics designer Jo Heckett.


There are no DIY projects this weekend because I have a little treat for you instead...ok, a BIG treat...


Yes! I happen to have a rather fabulous giveaway worth £85 for one lucky winner. Why? Well because it's the weekend and I feel like it! The winner will receive...

1. Rock The Custard are masters of typographic porn and designer Eilidh is giving away this rather appropriate 8"x10" print to adorn your wall with. The frame and rustic barn wall are not included.

2. Pretty Star Designs' camera bunting made quite an impression on some of you during last year's Curious Christmas project, so she's giving one away. I LOVE them!

3. A beautifully handcrafted custom made porcelain ring 'La Angosta' by MaaPstudio. Creator Monika's unglazed porcelain designs are just breathtaking, so delicate and would make a unique addition to your jewellery collection.

4. Everyone should carry a notebook with them poised for when inspiration strikes and this heartfelt A5  book, made from recycled paper by The Green Gables is looking forward to becoming your handbag companion.

5. Emily Chalmers, founder of quirky gift and interiors shop Caravan is giving away a personally signed copy of her book 'Cheap Chic' in which she guides the reader through revamping your home on a budget. A MUST have.

6. Nope, it's not made of cardboard, this mug is actually ceramic, made by potter Tom Gloster from his shop 'Pethau Melys' (that's 'sweet things' in Welsh you know). Did you know that you can also enjoy a spot of afternoon tea from vintage china whilst you shop the local crafts there? Lovely stuff!

7. The bonus ball is a pack of delicious Jimmy's Farm butter cookies from my visit over the Easter weekend. Just because I'm lovely and look after my readers.

To Enter:
• You must live in the UK.
• You'll need to leave a lovely comment about your favourite item on this post. Please make sure you leave your full name and only post once.
• If you don't already, I'd appreciate a follow on our Facebook page (yep-there's always a motive behind these things!) If you choose not to follow, I'll know!

Closing Details:
• The winner will be drawn at random on April 28th and announced on the blog on April 29th.
• You must get in touch within 24hrs of winning to send your ring measurements and arrange delivery of your gifts. The prize will be given to another entrant drawn at random if you do not come forward.

Go! Go! Go!



  1. What fantastic prizes! This is such an interesting page, they always post things that make me say "I 'd love one of those"
    Thank you.
    Christine Dry

  2. Oh my! I am torn between the print and the beautiful ring, but I think the print wins. I'm a sucker for pretty paper :) Though I'm in the process of buying my first house, so perhaps I should be absorbing the book cover to cover? So many amazing treats!

    Laura Cutress x

  3. These prizes look fantastic! I especially love the camera bunting as I was just gazing round my room and was thinking it could go do with some more things on the wall to brighten it up.

    Vicky Bodman

  4. I'm with you onFacebook too now - gem of a find ;)

    I just love it all - that mug is amazing !!!

    Sarah xxx

  5. I would have to say I love them all. But if I really had to pick i would say the book- im always on the lookout for quirky home ideas for my new magnolia shell that I call home :)

    Thank you for making such a fab blog! :D

    Christie x

  6. I absolutely love the print! I have recently bought a letterpress which I am trying to restore so I haven't been able to print on it yet (and probably wont for a while. This print would be great inspiration for me and I would hang it pride of place in my kitchen/work room :0)

  7. That's unfair! One item that I love?!!! Er.....um....okay I will have to go for the book as it is something that would be an ongoing inspiration to even more loveliness. (but that bunting is so jolly.....and...... oh shush!)

    Thank you.

  8. That ring is the prettiest thing ever!!!

  9. Oh my goodness... what a great give away and a lovely escape from hellish revision. I would absolutely love the camera bunting for my jubilee party however all of the goodies look incredible, the butter cookies would go down a storm right now :)


    Kerri Sinclair xx

  10. Wow, all these items are seriously covetable. I have to say however, as someone who is teaching herself to make jewellery (and LOVES wearing jewellery!) I completely in love that ring. I love the fact MaaPstudio have used an unusual medium in creating it. And the magpie in me likes anything jewellery related. Definitely an inspiring beautiful statement piece.

    Bryoney x

    1. Odd... I use my full name as my Google/Blogger profile... Bryoney Cook (doh!). x

  11. I think the ring is my favorite, it is absolutely stunning, perfect for spring, and something that look unique that im sure would have lots of admirers.


  12. I am sooooooooo excited by this prize, what a fantastic competition! After much thought I think that the print wins hands down for me! My lovely fiance and I are in the process of revamping our home (which was mistreated by some very questionable choices of wallpaper by the previous occupants!)so the print would be a lovely finishing touch when we banish the hideous decor in our living room (the book would come in handy too!). I love the wording on the print as I think it sums us up quite well. I'm a dancer and my finace a musician so creativity is a massive part of our lives. I will wait with baited breath to see if I'm the lucky lady(!) Sam Madeley x

  13. I am interested in the book, very timely and apt for me.

    ohsogawjess at gmail dot com

    fb follower as Jessica Knox

    Lovley blog


  14. I love the camera bunting! I've never seen that before, and as a photographer and proud owner of a gorgeous canvas bell tent - I so need that bunting to mark out my spot in the great outdoors!! Boo Marshall xxx

  15. Oooh what a brilliant giveaway! For me it has to be Pretty Star Designs' camera bunting, having just recently discovered Pretty Star Designs Lauren is such an inspirational woman and having the bunting up would motivate me.

    I'm already a facebook 'liker' or fan or follower or whatever they refer to it as now!! Haha!! xxx

  16. oooh, tough one, such lovely things. Hmmm, very torn between the porcelain ring and the camera bunting... I think the ring just wins it: lovely juxtaposition of material, design and purpose. Fingers crosed!

    S x

  17. What a fantastic giveaway - it's very hard to chooose a favourite prize, but if I have to it would be the ring (I'm a sucker for pretty jewellery).
    I'm already a facebook follower too
    Helen Hickman x

  18. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  19. All such beautiful finds! The porcelain ring wins it for me, it looks so unique and beautifully crafted. I'm always on the look out for unusual pieces and I think this is fabulous. Super giveaway!

    Claire Wilson

  20. Ummmm errrrrr oooooooh they are all wonderful, the book looks ideal for inspiring a bit of home improving, the bunting perfect for a amateur photography but if I really must only choose one.....it would be the mug, i just want to touch it, it looks so weird, unique & beautiful!
    Penelope Preston (Penny Pensham on FB)

  21. It has to be the print for me. It just sums me up! I adore mixing different fonts on crafts I make. The print would inspire me daily as I would hang it in my workroom. What a lovely giveaway!

  22. They are all fantastic I'd love the print, or the book, or the notebook....or any of the others, you have such great taste...and I already follow the facebook page x
    Charlotte / Silvermousey

  23. That bunting is INSANELY cool! And a porcelain ring ... so beautiful!

    Jessica Gallagher xx

  24. I am torn between the ring and the mug! Ok, the mug wins... Fab collection of products.
    Liesel Conrad (already a FB fan)

  25. Hiya, I would love the little note book as I am always jotting down creative ideas and notes and this is a lovely one!!

    Great giveaway!

    Julie Woods

  26. I Absolutely love number 6. Being a part-time student, it is essential that I have an inspiring mug from which to drink my rooibos chai! I was tempted to say the book as I'm moving in with my boyfriend next week and would love to make his home my own by prettying it up. But I'll still need tea to keep me going so I'll stick with the gorgeous Tom Gloster mug.

  27. WOW There are so many things mentioned above that I LOVE! How do I choose just one?! I have just repainted my kitchen a lovely aquamarine blue and am currently attempting to revamp other rooms on a budget. So the book would be perfect on a practical level! I am a keen photographer so the camera bunting would be a perfect addition to one of my revamped rooms as would the print! But I have to say I think that the ring is simply perfect. So beautifully crafted and as I rarely treat myself to such things would be a very much appreciated prize!!

    I am already a facebook fan! x

  28. Oh my what a giveaway!!
    Ooh I adore everything! But I must say the book sounds and looks wonderful...
    Especially perfect for me given I am trying my best to redecorate my home at the moment with a next to nothing budget as such. Just toddling along with ideas and hoping for the best! This book sounds very apt, maybe a blessing for me :-)
    The camera bunting is ace also! So different to hang up, would certainly make me 'smile' everyday.
    Thanks for such a great giveaway, good luck all! I have my fingers and toes crossed! X Ps... I am an avid follower of your page on fb already :-)

  29. The print sums up my philosophy as a designer of vintage-inspired floral creations perfectly. Plus, having rather messily removed a small shelf from my wall, I'd love something rather special to cover up the holes :) x
    Gwenda Jeffs aka The Vintage Floral Design Co.

  30. Oh wow! Love the Pethau Melys mug. The texture is just wonderful. I can imagine curled up on the sofa with this mug filled with hot chocolate...

  31. Wow, well I'm always looking for crafty things to do to my house and I think the Cheap Chic book would really help.. the ring is so pretty; I am torn but I think the book still wins my heart <3 :) xx

  32. I hope I'm not too late, but being a complete and shameless font geek I am drawn to the print, and love the sentiment too, (although all the items look a little trove of delights, including the biccies!). Thanks!

  33. They are all fab prizes, but my fav would have to be the gorgeous camera bunting.... Bunting is a great way to cheer up any room or space and always makes me smile! :)

    Xandi Denny x

  34. Hi Tiff, what a beautiful give away!
    Though I am a real notebook hoarder and love a creative book, I'd have to say the ring is my favourite - it's so sweet, elegant and I can't imagine bumping into many people with the same one on their finger.
    Fingers are crossed :)
    Jodie Curley x

  35. What a wonderful competition! As a jewellery maker I think the ring is absolutely breathtaking! I do love the print too, it's been one of my mottoes for quite some time now! I already follow you on facebook and took part in the Curious Christmas project, which was marvellous! Fingers and toes crossed! Jill Mellor xxx

  36. wow that ring!! But I too am a note book lover & collector & indeed user so that too :) FAB giveaway & congrats to whoever wins :) Good luck x

  37. Hmm how to choose!!! Well they are all wonderful and i would love to have it all! But i do love the Rock the Custard print as i have a similar picture frame (albeit bigger but backed with a lovely fabric wouldn't be a problem) that my mum and dad found in the attic of the house they've lived in for 30 years whilst having a clear out to get it insulated (along with a gigantic wasps nest!) luckily they gave it to me as they know my love for all things aged, and i'm currently looking for something beautiful to put in it and that fits the bill! Fingers crossed :D xx Joanne Woods

  38. Excellent giveaway! Struggling to pick my favourite but I think the print wins, I love quirky quotes to brighten up my walls :)

    Roz Walker

  39. What a cute giveaway! I love the ring- it's been saved on my Etsy faves for a while now :) I already follow on Facebook, which is where I found out about this giveaway, hope i'm not too late to enter!

    Sami Gadsby x