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3 May 2012

Curb Your Curiosity: Eline Pellinkhof

It's Friday again and a Bank Holiday weekend no less! We booked our first holiday abroad in over three years to stay with a friend just outside Haarlem and to celebrate I'm sharing another fabulous interview with you, this time with Dutch designer Eline Pellinkhof. Her work is nothing short of beautiful and I'm into her painted cross-stitch wall art in a big way...

• Introduce yourself to us!
Hi, I’m Eline Pellinkhof, living in Haarlem, the Netherlands, designer of craft materials and fabrics and author of two Dutch craft books. I have a blog about my work and books.

© Joost de Wolf

• Describe your style…
Fresh and vintage, (old) handicraft techniques with an innovative twist, sweet, feminine and colourful.

© Joost De Wolf

• What do you love about the medium you work in? 
I work with all kinds of materials and I like to use old-fashioned handicraft techniques and make them hip again. I also like to combine several materials in one project, like paper and fabric or clay with embroidery.

• Where do you find your inspiration- who or what inspires you? 
I find inspiration on blogs, like By Fryd, Decor8, Dottie Angel, Sania Pell, and Selina Lake. But also in magazines or books. I really like the book by Dotty Angel (the peachy crafty world of Tif Fussell) and ‘Homespun Style’ by Selina Lake

Homespun Style, Selina Lake & the peachy crafty world of Tif Fussell, Dotty Angel

The Anthropologie stores in London are great inspiration for me. I walk through them as they were museums.
And I couldn’t be crafty without the contacts I have with other crafters and bloggers around the globe.

• How do you translate your inspiration into a design?
Difficult question! I could use a colour combination I spotted somewhere onto new patterns for paper or fabric. I could find a handicraft technique that I can use in a different way or use with other materials. It can be anything. I don’t know how the brain works, but sometimes I can see something and immediately know what I can do with that idea. 

© Joost de Wolf 

• How do you structure your working day? 
I mostly work with to-do-lists and deadlines. Checking my email in bed on the iPad with a nice cup of tea first thing in the morning. Then after breakfast I start working on sketches, moodboards, craft projects for a new book or doing some graphic design for my publisher or designing new stamps and prints. This is what I do the whole day. But I always take time for lunch and a lot of tea. At the moment I have the best job ever; working at home as a freelancer in crafts!

• We all get creative block. How do you combat it?
When I don’t know what to do or make I go to my garden, my allotment, a flower garden with a wooden cottage just a 15 minutes drive away. Working in the garden with my hands in the soil and hearing hundreds of birds sing, helps to empty my head.
Also making sketches or brainstorming in a garden chair, without a computer, telephone or other distractions helps.
Or I go shopping.

© Joost de Wolf

• Share your favourite tool with us.
This is definitely my TimHoltz scissorsIdeal for paper, fabric and all sticky items like double sided tapes.

• Describe your dream creative space…
This must be a very light, white space with very high ceilings, big tables and a lot of cupboards with glass doors. And it has to have big windows to take indoor pictures with natural light. But I may not complain at the moment; I have a very nice and cosy workspace at home.

• What lead to the moment that made you decide to sell your products professionally?
I was a children's wear designer and bout 10 years ago I met Perlot of Marianne Design, a producer of craft materials. She asked me if I could make some drawings for her to sell as decoupage sheets. Now I design a big part of her craft collection. I used to sell my designs for craft materials and children's wear. It is just recently that I write craft books and that I design & make a lot of projects for those books.

• What are the obstacles you've encountered on your journey so far?
I must say that I’m a lucky person, I haven’t had a lot of obstacles on my journey yet. The only thing I can think of is the fact that I was never that businesslike and that may be the reason that I’m a bit of a late bloomer. But one learns along the way.

© Joost de Wolf

• The biggest high of your career so far is...
The fact that my first book has sold so well in the Netherlands and that it will be translated to English and German later this year.

• What's the biggest lesson you've learnt on your creative journey so far & what advice would you give to a newbie?
Always follow your own intuition and style. If you make things that are ‘you’, you can stand out and get noticed. And if you do what you love it shows in your work.

• What's next for you?
I’m going to start working on my third book soon. I will start by making the moodboards, choosing colours and collecting materials. This will be a craft book in summer style with lots of happy colours and sunshine and will be for sale in spring 2013.

• Take us on a crawl of your favourite shops. Where do you like to shop and why? 
If you ever visit the lovely old city of Haarlem, not far from Amsterdam in the Netherlands, go and see these little shops, they are all gems and my favourites:

☞ De wereld van Jansje - very hip eco shop with a nice little cafĂ©.
☞ Juffies Warehouse - cards, craft items, books and toys.

© Juffies Warehouse

 Sjakies - you will need another pair of eyes in this shop that sells everything you can think of.
☞ Ottomania - beautifully styled shop full of Turkish items in pastels.

© Sjakies

• What's on your bedside table?
Some crime novels, Dutch interior magazines and English craft magazine Mollie Makes.

• iPhone, blackberry or android? And why? 
None of them at the moment… I have an ordinary mobile phone, but an iPhone is on my wish list, mainly because of the nice hipstamatic photos it can make.

• Complete the sentence: "If I need to relax, I...
go to my allotment-garden or I book a weekend away with my boyfriend. That can be here in beautiful Holland, but our favourite city is London, where we do a lot of house and cat-sitting.

• You're planning your last ever meal and celebrating with a dinner party. You have 6 seats around your table-who would you invite to join you and what would you serve up?
I would serve Thai soup; Tom Ka Kai, my very favourite, with French bread and all kinds of cheeses and other vegetarian bites. I know; strange combination… but I won’t make it myself, because I don’t like to cook. I will decorate the table though.
Who I will invite… My boyfriend, my parents, my two grandmothers who passed away a long time ago (they taught me how to sew, knit and crochet), and number 6 will be… I don’t know… If this is my last meal I just want people around me that love me, and that I love back, so no famous movie stars or singers for me. I guess number 6 will be my own little brother.

• Give us a song! Which one song helps you whistle while you work.
That is not just one song, but a whole CD. It’s the CD: Maxwell's Urban Hang Suite. This music for me is the best while I work.

My first craft book ‘Eline’s Huis’ ( Eline’s Home) will be published in the UK and US in August 2012 by David & Charles. The English title will be: Stitch & Sew Home, by Eline Pellinkhof.

Very excited to see your new book Eline and thank you so much for sharing your work and inspiration with us! 



  1. Such pretty pieces and a great interview! :)

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  2. Wat een leuk en uitgebreid interview!