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3 May 2012

DIY Embroidered Hoops

I'm really excited to share this DIY hoop tutorial with you. It's so simple to do and adds an instant splash of 3-dimensional colour to your walls for minimum effort. 

I actually used the fabric from a favourite dress of mine that I couldn't wear any more. I loved it so much and wore it all the time but when it came to throwing it out I couldn't do it. So, I decided to make a wall feature of it instead!

Yes, I know, I should've ironed it!

Embroidery is a wonderful, fluid way of drawing with thread. Don't take it too seriously, particularly if you're a first timer, it should be fun.

You Will Need:

☞ X3 embroidery hoops-I've used a 4", 6" and 8" here. 
☞ Patterned fabric. The bolder the pattern the better the effect.
☞ Plain fabric.
☞ Embroidery floss.
☞ Embroidery needle.
☞ Scissors or pinking sheers to prevent fraying.
☞ An iron.

Step One.
Iron your fabric first. 
Select an interesting area of patterned fabric and clamp it into your hoop (I used the 4" and 6" for this). Decide on the sections you're going to embroider, choose your silks and go to it. I used the following stitches to bring out the patterns: 

The French Knot-my absolute favourite!
Cross stitch

I covered the light pinks areas of this flower with French knots.

Step Two:
For the 6" inch hoop, I used a block colour fabric as the base and a piece of dress fabric to applique over the top. Cut a heart shape from your patterned fabric using pinking sheers and pin it onto your base to hold it in place as you stitch it on (I used split stitch for this). Pick out an area of your fabric to embellish and stitch for your life! (I isolated the blossom branches in mine using a simple running stitch for the branches and satin for the flowers).

Little applique heart.

Step Three:
Complete your final hoop-I switched back to the dress fabric again and picked out a piece of the print that featured in the large piece to tie it all together. You might be able to tell from the image above that I used a little metallic gold thread to pick out the purple a little more too-it catches the light beautifully!

Step Four:
Press the excess fabric around the back edge of the hoop down using an iron so they're neatly tucked away. Then position your hoops on your wall and hang them. Enjoy at your leisure. 

Ta dah!!!!



  1. Love these - what a clever idea using the dress too!

  2. Such a simple idea but so effective. Thank you for sharing... You have inspired me...