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8 May 2012

'Out Of The Blue' Gift Watch

Just keeping you up to date with our 'Out Of The Blue' project for this week. Gift drops via our Flickr account have been slow, although I've posted two of the latest drops, both of which are very sweet!

If you missed what 'Out Of The Blue' is all about, you can get up to speed here, but in short it's a bit of a public experiment. You leave a little gift that you've perhaps made or that you'd like to pass on in a public place for a stranger to find with a label attached. The idea is to see how many members of the public actually respond to tell us where they found their gift and so on. So far we've had one. Just one. *Sob*. Come on general public, share your gratitude if someone puts a smile on your face!

Peter The Pilot, left on the 10:08 train from Wigan-Liverpool
 by Vintage Blackberry

Cupcake liners left by labonteak

If you'd like to take part, it couldn't be simpler. There are no registration forms, just print out your label(s) and get gifting!

If you'd like to post your images, you can use our Flickr group or post to Instagram using the hashtag #outoftheblue.

Happy gifting!


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