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24 May 2012

Paint Me A Picture

My eyes are opening to the world of illustration, especially since I started reading bedtime stories with my son from the age of six months. We love to visit the library together and choose his books for the week. I'm instantly drawn to a certain style of illustration whilst for Mini Monsieur it's basically anything with stars, trains (he calls them "tees"), buses - any form of transport.

One of our favourite books to read is 'How To Catch A Star ' by Oliver Jeffers who tells the story of a boy who loved stars so much he decided to catch his own. His illustrations are just so beautifully innocent and full of colour and movement.

Page 2-3 from How To Catch A Star, Oliver Jeffers

In the next few months we'll be working to get our house on the market ready to sell. The walls are sparsely hung with prints, photos and drawings and I've kept most of the walls blank. I think my reasoning as that I never wanted to feel settled for too long here-the house is small and in a not-so-desirable area and I've been desperate to leave since I came on the scene those 7 years ago. Everything is neutral and the rooms aren't especially light so blank walls seemed to be the better option, but you mark my words, the minute we move into the house that'll become our home (for however long) I will be adorning those walls with prints and paintings a-plenty.  Hold me back!

I've selected just a small number of my favourite illustrators to share with you and I have a feeling you'll fall in love with them too...

Rebekka Seale

A Home Is Made by Rebekka Seale

Rebekka's illustrations are very delicate and she has a particular talent for bricks and mortar-she paints bespoke portraits of people's homes which makes a wonderful keepsake. Oh, her blog is well worth a read too, she is one talented lady.

The Black Apple

Lost On The Midway, The Black Apple

Emily Winfield Martin (aka The Black Apple)'s work has a touch of the Anthony Browne's about her, like a slightly uncomfortable, surreal fairy tale for adults. I like her. A lot. You get a real feel for the person behind those paintings, she obviously has a love for the fairground, vintage and childhood fairytales.

Unraveled Design

Julia Child Quote, Unraveled Design

Texas based designer Lindsey Whitehead creates beautifully illustrated quotes to inspire the mind and soul. I'd love to hang this print in my kitchen!

Amber Alexander

Crate and Plants, Amber Alexander

Amber's work focuses on landscapes and nature and I really love the texture in her paintings, particularly this one here, mainly because I just can't get enough of plants in crates at the moment. There's nothing showy about it, just a simple selection of succulents, ferns and moss but the earthy tones are so relaxing to look at.

So there we are, a small selection of some of my favourite illustrators! What's your favourite?


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  1. Aw, lovely!!! I may have mentioned this woman to you before but look up Sophie Blackall too.