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21 June 2012

DIY Spice Jar Posy Pots

So, I'm baaaaaaack! Have you missed me? We had a wonderful week in Holland (more about that later) but now onto a gorgeous little DIY project I put together before I left...

Whilst I was clearing out the pantry I realised how many spice jars we had, some of which were purchased for a special one-time-only dish and never used again. I shamefully discovered that some dated back to 2007 (I know) so I decided to make use of the little jars. They're ever so sweet and versatile too, you can leave them as is or do as I did and go to town!

You Will Need:

☞ Out of date spice jars
☞ Nail varnish (preferably some you've had in rotation for a while and need using up)
☞ Masking tape-I used washi tape here because I couldn't be bothered to get the normal stuff out the shed.
☞ Mod Podge in matte
☞ Glitter
☞ A small paint brush

Step One
Mark out a strip in the centre of the jars with your tape. The area in the centre will be what you're painting so be sure you're happy with the size of the space and make sure your lines are straight.

Step Two
Choose your nail polish and apply to the space one coat at a time ensuring that you don't go over the same area too soon (this will disturb the paint and give you a rough, uneven finish). 

Step Three
Apply another two or three coats and leave to dry, then carefully peel off your tape. Voila!

To achieve the sparkly look, repeat step one, then apply a coat of Mod Podge and sprinkle your glitter on until completely covered. Tap off the excess, leave to dry and carefully remote your tape afterwards.

I filled my little jars with a mixture of wild flowers and cuttings from my garden and they look fantastic grouped together individually or dotted around the house. 

So there we have it-a cheap and simple way to bring a little extra detail into your home. 

Image Credit: ©Tiffany Grant-Riley

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