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18 August 2012

Dutch By Design: Kast van een Huis

Back in June I took a week long trip over to stay with a friend in North Holland with the family. Whilst I have half a ton of holiday snaps to sort through and share with you (I promise I won't bore you!) I just had to shout about my new found love for Dutch design. You get a sense that everything has been so well thought through, from the cycle lanes, living space (and I mean space) and the joy of dressing your window with pride.  Having spent a couple of days wandering the streets and boutiques of Haarlem, I came away with an appetite to delve deeper. The next few 'Dutch By Design' posts are to celebrate my findings...

'Kast van een Huis' (a saying that literally translated means 'a huge or enormous house') was created by designer Marie-Louise Groot Kormelink and embraces the need for practical and interesting storage for children's rooms, offices and living space. The unmistakeable style of the traditional gabled Dutch town house is what sets these units aside from your average Ikea model (no offence).

What I love about these designs is the combination of traditional Dutch architecture with clean and contemporary lines. The Canalhouse closets range from 180cm to 260cm high with a choice of three different gable roof designs and I would love to make a feature of one of these in my son's room or even in the living room to store books. Maybe a room divider? You won't be able to purchase these direct in the UK as yet but there are stockists in Holland, Spain, France and Switzerland

What do you think of them?

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1 comment:

  1. Oh, these are adorable! I need these in my life. I loving the idea of using them as a room divider and they'd look fabulous across my lounge/diner x