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29 August 2012

Gimme That Thing! Nicola Rowlands

New feature alert! One to champion the independent designer/maker/crafter/genius. Ok, so it's the norm around these parts anyway but this is geared more towards the product than the person and the process-I save that for 'Curb'. Each week, I pick out something too good not to share and shout it from the rooftops. This week kicks off with someone I discovered via Instagram.

Huzzah! Design with a sense of humour. Ok, so it's not a first-there's plenty of that around, but these ooze the "quirk factor" (my favourite).

Meet Nicola Rowlands, Manchester based graphic designer and illustrator. She's one of those people I know I'd get on with instantly. She likes fun things, plenty of cooking and of course creating things that make other people smile. Tired of the boyfriend's rubbish bedside manner? Pick up a Manfriend! (Kenneth is soooo hot).

A particular favourite of mine is her range of textiles, especially those aprons...

You damn right-put that chocolate on it! 

It's 4pm. Get your taco on. 

Each apron comes beautifully wrapped in a sleeve and makes the perfect gift for any domestic deity. I want to wear them all naked. Sorry.

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