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10 September 2012

DIY Glittery Bedside Table

This idea came to me after some months of staring at our very unimaginative Ikea bedside table (it sits on my side of the bed). Sick of the plain, flat pack pine staring back at me and wanting to bring some excitement back into the bedroom (no...not that kind, cheeky!) I came up with this. A gorgeous glittery transformation! Bedtime reading is so much more exciting now, I never tire of watching the light from my lamp bouncing off the glitter. 

I started by sanding (or "keying") the surfaces to get rid of the thin layer of varnish, then added a couple of layers of primer as a base before a final layer of white satin top coat. 

The next step will show you how to add the glitter...

☞ Glitter of your choice (I chose gold in large pieces for greater impact)
☞ Clear gloss varnish for extra shine.
☞ Masking tape
☞ A paint brush
☞ A disposable bowl
☞ A disposable spoon
☞ Draw knob (I bought one in white and gold to compliment the look).

Step One
Start by masking a section on the top of your table-this will be the area you'll be applying the glitter varnish to. I chose to mark out a rectangle in the centre rather than painting the whole top.

Step Two
Mix the glitter varnish. Once you've stirred your varnish, pour some into your bowl and then add the glitter. The more you add, the more concentrated it'll be. Combine well.

Step Three
Apply your first coat of varnish onto the masked out area. You will need to do this several times if you'd like a concentrated area of glitter like mine, or less if you prefer a more subtle affect. Be aware that you need to allow the space to dry fully between each coat, don't be tempted to rush this as the finish will be much rougher. In between drying times make sure you cover your bowl with a plastic bag or something to stop the varnish setting.

Step Four
Once dried, carefully remove the masking tape and you'll be left with a neat block of glitter.

Repeat the steps one, three and four with the drawer, then fix on the handle once completely dried. 

Stand back, admire your new glitzy table and curate your own display of books and trinkets to enjoy it!

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  1. this is a brill idea im gonna try it!