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30 September 2012

Embroidery- sewing the seeds of love.

Embroidery has been given a new lease of life thanks to a new generation who have pulled it out of the old and doddery reputation it carried in the past. No longer a craft reserved for the over 60s, enthusiasts everywhere (including myself) are cottoning on to the quirky and artistic patterns available to try. Starting up is easy and you don't need any prior experience. Just to prove it, here's the gift I stitched for my in-laws to hang in their new home last Christmas.

My own handiwork
© Tiffany Grant-Riley

The last time I'd done anything close to embroidery was doing cross-stitch at school so I got myself up to speed on the basic stitches and started off slowly until I was confident enough to learn the more challenging techniques.

What do I like about it? Firstly, it's portable meaning it comes with me on long journeys or into the garden if it's warm enough. I can create my own designs by drawing straight onto the fabric (I use water soluble fabric pen for this) and then use the thread or floss to bring it to life. Most of all, it's so relaxing that I can just zone out for a couple of hours and see my work come together quite quickly.

Check out my top 3 pattern designers on Etsy. This selection varies in ability and timescale and the results of all are something to be proud of. Now then, find yourself a hoop and off you go!

1. Comfort Stitching by Aneela Hoey

© Comfort Stitching

© Comfort Stitching

2. Polka & Bloom

© Polka & Bloom

'May Flowers'
© Polka & Bloom

© September House

'Indian Spice' Paisley & Flower
© September House

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