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27 September 2012

Illustrated Monthly - Jolly Edition

Today marks the beginning of a new monthly feature which explores the wonderful world of illustration and the artists behind them, aptly named 'Illustrated Monthly'.  My eyes have been opened to a world of story-telling though the books I read with my son and has sparked an interest in the amazing skill of some of these artists. I'm excited to share my discoveries each month with you!


Custom wedding portrait
© Jolly Edition

First up is a super-talented duo I've been working with on a new venture (more on that later). Tom and Laura are Jolly Edition, a Cambridge based design and illustration agency who make custom and templated stationery. Their work is playful, romantic and lots of fun with a combination of Laura's fine art and Tom's graphic design skills.

• You're a husband and wife team. How does this dynamic affect the way you work together?
Although we have very different skills we're actually very harmonious. We trust each others judgement and when we disagree we don't get caught up or frustrated. We go to bed happy! We've not come across many husband and wife teams who have our dynamic and most of our friends joke that they couldn't do it, but it's great knowing we're contributing to our own team. 

Seasonal Flowers
© Jolly Edition

• How did you find your way to illustration?
Laura had worked in Manhattan for an established artist after graduating from MICA and UPENN. When she moved to the UK after we were married she found herself at a loose end. She illustrated about a dozen portraits as gifts for friends and family for our wedding. Our wedding photographer, a mentor of ours, suggested we create bespoke illustrations because she liked the portraits we'd done. It just clicked after that. We love illustration and design and love working together. It's empowering working for ourselves.

Bikes! Bikes! Bikes!
© Jolly Edition

Dog Walkers
© Jolly Edition

Who or what influences your style? 
Mary Blair was the artist who catapulted us into illustration. Once Laura saw Blair's illustrations, it was all over. She began to research more about cartoons of the 40's - 60's, Cartoon Modern is the most amazing encyclopedia for that era cartoons. We could go on and on, we have our contemporary inspirations posted every week on our Jolly Bureau Curate blog. 

Monogram notecards
©Jolly Edition

Gift tags
© Jolly Edition

• What mediums do you work in and why?
We use card stock, brushes and good old fashioned acrylic paint. Golden 'Fluid Series' acrylic is the most amazing paint, it's a smooth texture that slides on perfectly and it has the purest pigment, one drop makes an impact, it's so gorgeous. We also use Princeton or Winsor & Newton brushes because the bristles keep their shape and each brush can hold a good amount of paint in them without having to dip with every stroke. We're getting better with painting our own type, but we still scavenge for more typefaces online. We can't get enough of typography, it's a big passion of ours!

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