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22 September 2012

Where Have All The Projects Gone?

Yes, yes I know. It's been a while since we last got excited over a box project, right? Truth be told I've missed doing them, but I have loved taking The Curiosity Project into new realms of exploration, in particular sharing my love of design, crafting and food. You can't help but notice that this blog has evolved somewhat since last year and its been a completely natural process.

So where have all the projects gone? I must get at least 5 requests a week for a new one and I really couldn't have predicted how quickly they'd take off, but with that came the difficulty in managing them. Picture this. Last Christmas I launched our Curious Christmas box project after the success of the first summer swap. We introduced an automated pairing system using a clever program created by my IT superstar husband which cut out the need for manually selecting partners for everyone (it literally took hours otherwise!) At the same time I was working with several clients at various stages of their wedding planning and being a mother to our son.

One week after launching the box swap project I had 600 participants ready to go which potentially equated to 600 boxes to blog. Deep breaths people. Boxes started coming in thick and fast and soon I was having to blog 25-30 boxes a day just to keep on top of things. My husband had to start taking a few hours out of his working day to watch our son so that I could do this...and soon it was turning into a full-time unpaid job on top of my day job. That's only the half of it, because people who sent boxes that hadn't received their own or seen theirs blogged naturally wanted it chasing. So I spent my evenings chasing participants up and relaying messages for everyone. By the time we got to Dec 22nd I was gasping for a few days off over Christmas and couldn't wait to get the project finished in early January. It was hard work!

There really isn't a point to what I'm saying here. The fact is, I stumbled upon a really awesome idea. It brought strangers together from across the world in ways I couldn't imagine and you took the idea and ran wild with it. I most definitely plan to do another in future but I need to find a way to make it work first. Perhaps I only choose the best selection per week? But then those not chosen will worry that their box didn't arrive. If I start to charge an entry fee then it detracts from the whole premise of the project, to 'share the love'.

In the meantime, it would mean a lot to know that you're out there and connecting with what I choose to write about now. Ive featured some amazing designers over the past few months-check them out!

In the meantime, I'm working on it. Promise.


  1. I was only thinking of this a few days ago; I was moving house and came across something from last Christmas' swap. Amongst all the chaos it made me stop and smile as it immediately reminded me of how much fun it had all been!

  2. Maybe to cut down on work for you, people could upload their box photos to a flickr group and then, like you said, you could choose a few favourites to post to the blog each week x

  3. Thanks Annie-it was exciting to see all the boxes coming in and especially lovely to know the project was putting smiles on faces.

    Lisa, the Flickr option is something I'm considering now-we used it for the Out Of The Blue project earlier this year and it seemed to work. Watch this space.

  4. I agree with Lisa, perhaps Flickr could work. Definitely don't need to have every box uploaded..maybe just keep a list of people who have confirmed they've received theirs? Or perhaps limit the number of people allowed to join in? Anyway you probably have considered all this already! :) xxx

  5. Why not just add an email address to the box you send? Then you can email the sender directly when you have received it - Im sure we are all adult enough to send a thank u email and not abuse the email address. Cuts out the middle man! Then all pics can be uploaded to flickr if the person chooses and you can pick the best ones to place here???