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12 October 2012

7 Autumnal Homely Must-Haves

1. 'Stag' by Emily Hogarth for Urban Outfitters | 2. Knitted Folk Hottie by Seven Gauge Studios at NOTHS | 3.  Swan cushion in Coral-Reef, Mengsel | 4. Frank Pouffe in Zig-Zag, Donna Wilson at SCP | 5. Molly Knit Throw in Mocha, John Lewis | 6. Borrowed Branch Pitcher, Anthropologie | 7. Large Autumn Tree Print, Our Workshop.

Don't you just love this time of year? It's funny, when I was younger I lived for summer yet now I yearn for the cooler months of October and November. Everything feels a little bit more "real", like you can stop having to try so hard to look good in summer and opt for a comfy pair of jeans and a chunky knit jumper-that's me to a 'T'.

I love the idea of creating a seasonal home, so in the same way that you would eat or dress seasonally you apply the same principal to your decor. I'm not suggesting you redecorate each quarter (who has time for that?!) but by introducing some key pieces you welcome in touches from the wider world around you.

Here's my favourite homely, autumnal picks for this season. You'll see soft knits feature heavily mixed with motifs from nature, geometrics and folk pattern. Take inspiration from the colour of falling leaves and combine them with evergreens. Cuddle up, make up a cup of cocoa and embrace the season!

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  1. It's summer here in Sydney but I still LOVE autumn the most and getting to see all the lovely warm trends happening around the world. Here from BYW!