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8 October 2012

Blogging My Way @ Decor8: Going Back To School

©Tiffany Grant-Riley

Following a busy wedding season and several shoots over summer, I was glad to take September off to recuperate, spend time with my son and just do very little. It's so rare that I find time to evaluate my life (and I'm my own worst critic when it comes to work) that it did the world of good to take a step back and see the bigger picture.
Having the space to think gave me to space to make the necessary changes in my life, some of which are small but have a huge impact (like learning to think positively) to taking on a new venture, about which I'll discuss when it's ready to go.

Recently I've been feeling mentally stale (stop laughing!) and in desperate need to expand my skills, learn something new and keep my mind active. This wonderful blog has evolved so much since I launched the first Curiosity Project last summer and it's at a point now where it's wanting to develop and grow. My blogging skills have much to be desired and were becoming quite a hindrance when I wanted to present something in a certain way or find something exciting to write about-let's face it, blogger's block is pretty awful. And then I discovered Holly Becker's 'Blogging Your Way Boot Camp'. You might be more familiar with her design/interior style blog, 'Decor8' which has long since been a regular must-read when I have some down time. I booked up then and there and a couple of weeks later here I am ready to embark on my first blogging boot camp. By the end of the month long course I'm hoping to improve in many ways, find my own 'niche', bring you good quality inspiration and fall in love with it all over again because that's what it's all about. Kind of feels like fresher's week all over again!

Hope you'll join me on my journey, and if you're a BYW student, do pop by and say hello!

So tell me, have you taken up a course recently? Maybe you've turned your hand to a new skill?


  1. You have a very pretty blog! I am very looking forward to this course and I have to be disciplined to do my homework... I like your photos!

  2. Hi Tiff - I've enrolled for the bootcamp too - no doubt see you on the forum :-)

    Exciting isn't it?

    Ginger :-)

  3. Hi Tiffany! I'm enrolled in the bootcamp too and couldn't be more excited. I found my way over from the forum. I've been blogging for awhile but am in desperate need of rediscovering my passions and carving a new direction for my blog. It has become creatively stagnant for me. Thank you for opening up and sharing your reasons for taking the bootcamp. It is inspiring to see so many wanting to make creative changes in their blogs and lives. It can be so hard to step back, reevaluate your life and make a change. It sounds like you have done that and are on your way. Best of luck to you!