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2 October 2012

Chalk It Up! Chalkboards For Grown-Ups

Over the summer season I was kept extremely busy with my assistant Harriet working on custom chalkboards for clients. Crazy busy. We loved every minute of the design process, from choosing the wording, selecting the fonts, the layouts, right through to the decorative flourishes. It's exciting to see chalkboards moving into home design now and even more liberating to see blocks of ceiling to floor chalk paint.

If you suffer from interior style itchy feet and look for change, then this could be your answer. Here's a way to constantly change and curate your living space at the wipe of a sponge...

Ikea via Murray Mitchell

via Design Sponge

© Mid-Century Mod Squad

© Dan Duchars via This Old House

© Anthropologie

Fancy giving this a go? Find a range of chalk paints here:

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