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28 October 2012

Christmas Project - 1 Week To Register!

Morning everyone! Did you enjoy that extra hour in bed this morning...or did you forget?

Just a quick reminder that you still have a week left to register for our Christmas box swap. You're signing up in your droves from all over the UK (which is fabulous!) but let's see if we can get some of our European friends onboard too? Get the full low-down here.

Have a great day!


  1. Hi Tiff, I've just discovered your blog through BYW, it's brilliant! I've signed up for Box Swap and am so excited. Brilliantly creative and engaing idea. Thank you!
    Sarah x

  2. Hi Tiff. I too discovered your blog via byw. What a rich and fun blog it is and I adore your box swap idea. Fantastic.