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21 October 2012

Curb Your Curiosity: Chisel & Mouse

Good morning! Another start to the week, what's in store for you? This week is a busy and exciting one-no doubt you'll have seen the little countdown on these pages the past few days and you can find out what's going on tomorrow!

In the meantime, I have another excellent Curb Your Curiosity interview for you, this time with architectural super-duo Chisel & Mouse. Architecture really excites me, it's a window to the past informing us how space was defined and how it was intended to be used. A building tells a story which lasts long after we have gone, a legacy. Brothers Gavin and Robert create beautifully intricate plaster models of iconic buildings from around the world, with Art Deco style at the heart of many of their creations. They really are a beauty to behold and an object that I think every home should have...

© Chisel & Mouse

• Introduce yourselves to us!
We are Gavin & Robert Paisley, two brothers from Sussex. We formed Chisel & Mouse in 2011 to make models of beautiful buildings. We're on a mission to bring great architecture into the home.

• Describe your style…
We have a house style of white, we love white and feel it lends itself to our models, it lets the form of the buildings shine through. We particularly like art deco architecture but all great architecture resinates. 

© Chisel & Mouse

• How does your partnership work as a dynamic? 
As there is only the two of us, we share all roles. However it is Gavin's attention to detail which enables us to produce such intricate work. My passion for IT makes me married to our website and blog!

• What do you love about the medium you work in? 
Plaster is great material to work with, it is quite forgiving whilst enabling us to model to a high level of detail. We produce CAD drawings to create our prototype models, we'd be lost without our iMac's and a 3D modelling product called Google Sketch-up.

• Can you tell us a little about the process of creating a model of a building?  
We create CAD drawings from photos using Google Sketchup to create our prototype. We then move to traditional casting and moulding techniques using silicon moulds and a strong, durable plaster called Jesmonite.

Where do you find your inspiration- who or what inspires you? 
We simply love great architecture, our inspiration comes from the built environment.

© Chisel & Mouse

• How do you structure your working day? 
We both have young families and are lucky enough to interweave our working and family lives, this can have some drawbacks but in general we feel like we have our cake and eat it too! 

• We all get creative block. How do you combat it? 
We are country boys at heart and there is nothing like a long dog walk in the Ashdown forest or on the South downs to get the creative juices flowing.

• Describe your dream creative space…
We've not found it yet, but a farm building surrounded by countryside, peaceful and beautiful but in walking distance of a great country pub!

• What's the biggest lesson you've learnt on your creative journey so far & what advice would you give to a newbie? 
Keep at it, make friends and ask questions, take as much advice as you can get but 'sift' it - keep true to what you believe whilst learning from the experience of others. It is very hard to reach shop buyers, perseverance is the only advice.

• Take us on a crawl of your favourite shops. Where do you like to shop and why? 
We are a bit biased here, we love design led shops and are fortunate enough to be stocked by a few. Paul Smith, Aram, SCP, TheLollipopShoppe and Inhouse Space are all shops we have our models in and shops where we spend our money - they stock lovely things.

• What's on your bedside tables? 
Books and magazines, Wired and Architectural Digest and the Game of Thrones (can't put this collection down!)

© Chisel & Mouse

• Complete the sentence: "If we could own any building in the world it would be…" 
the Guggenheim museum in New York. Fabulous architecture, serves a purpose to the public and is in a dream location near Central Park.

© Chisel & Mouse

• You're planning your last ever meal and celebrating with a dinner party. You have 6 seats around your table-who would you invite to join you and what would you serve up?  
Tricky one this, would be nice to say famous architects and designers but in reality it would be family and friends who left this world way too early. If I could make a meal for my missing loved ones it would be a BBQ, on a lazy English summers day -kicking back in the garden and just catching up.

• Give us a song! Which one song helps you whistle while you work? 
This changes monthly but Bloc Party, Slaid Cleaves and the Be Good Tanyas rock our worlds. Just one song, it would have to Ootischenia by the Be Good Tanyas.

Chisel & Mouse have an extensive collection of models to choose from, but they also work to commission so the possibilites are endless. Personally, I'd love to have Eltham Palace on my shelf. What building does it for you? 

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