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29 October 2012

Curious Giveaway: Backlane Designs Yemen City Lights

Good morning Monday. This weekend was a strange one with all of us in our household feeling somewhat wishy-washy, so we were thankful to get out for some fresh air yesterday afternoon to clear our heads. How was yours?

Today, I'm kicking this week off with something exciting! Now daylight hours are shorter we're turning  our thoughts to building up the fire, digging out the candles and re-instating the fairy lights to their rightful place for the winter.

I'm delighted to welcome Backlane Designs to The Curiosity Project who are thoughtfully allowing me to treat you to a set of three of their white Yemen city lights. Garden designers Helen and Sue were so inspired by the beautiful towers of Yemen city that after returning from a visit they decided to create their own in miniature form. These charming little lights worth £15 are made from 95% recycled cardboard and come flat-packed, allowing you to build them and pop out all the little windows and doors yourself-because who doesn't like playing with models? Just pop any battery or mains operated lights into the centre and voila, instant illumination.

Aren't they beautiful? Fancy winning a set for your mantlepiece or maybe your bookshelf?


To Enter:

❐ You must be a resident of the UK or Europe.
❐ Hop on over to my Facebook page and 'like' if you haven't already.
❐ Leave a comment below for Backlane Designs with your full name and tell us where you'd display your lights.

Closing Date:

This giveaway will close at midnight on November 11th 2013 and the winner will be drawn at random.


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  1. Hello :-)
    I'd love to win these beautiful Yemen City Lights. I'd display the lights on the windowsill in the nursery I am currently decorating for my first baby which is due on 23/12/12. I am spending a lot of time in there at the moment, organising and preparing things. There's a lot to do! The weather is getting so rubbish and it gets dark so early now that it can get quite dismal in the room. I would thread my fairy lights through the Yemen City Lights. It would be so lovely to have these twinkling away in the room, whilst I worked, making it feel magical and very exciting! It would be nice for my husband to look up and see them twinkling too in the room as he drove up the path after a hard day at work. I think I might need to put some festive cd's on too :-) Thanks for the competition! My name is Louise Ferne Brown xx

  2. Hi Tiffany,
    So lovely to be visiting your gorgeous blog via BYW:) These city lights are absolutely devine. How perfectly pretty for a wintery Christmas. It's getting hotter and the days are getting longer over here - I'm dreaming of a white Christmas. That would be so lovely:) x

  3. On the windowsill in my living room! So pretty! Sandy ferguson sandsferguson@hotmail.co.uk

  4. Suzanne van Kaam30 October 2012 at 12:20

    I'd love to win these beauties! I would place them around my tiny Christmas tree. Last year I decided to buy new Christmas decorations, since my current decorations stem from my teenage years. They are broken, incomplete and not very stylish anymore. I am looking for elegant, timeless pieces to bring the holiday spirit into my home. The Yemen City Lights would make a wonderful addition to my new Christmas decorations!

    PS I would obviously not save them for Christmas alone, but place them on the window sill much earlier so that they 'warm' my house as soon as I get home. Perfect for those dark and gloomy autumn/winter days. Nice to think about far away places and future travel destinations while the rain is tapping on your window...

  5. Wow, they are so pretty! I would display them in the fireplace space in my new home, I'm thinking with some really tall pillar candles behind them to fill up the space. Or some flowers, oh lots of different idea popping into my head even as I'm writing :) Hailie x shugalista@gmail.com

  6. Hey these lights are so beautiful they'd take pride of place on my shelf in my room/office where I live and work and they'd be passed onto one of my children for them to dream by. I'd love to get on with my work with the lights twinkling :-) very special Eve Wilson

  7. If I had a set of these lights, they would sit on the mantlepiece in my childrens bedroom. Each night at bedtime my daughter and I talk about the people and places in her 'imaginary town', it is a fully fleshed out place, the shops and streets have their names - and I often send her off to sleep with a 'dream' of people who are visiting, or events that are happening in the town that day! So it would make a great addition to the room at bedtime!

  8. Such cute lights! We are redecorating our home at the moment and I would love to put some of these lights in our living room, especially In time for Christmas!!! you have to love beautiful light filling up the home, especially as the nights draw in here in chilly England! Thanks for the give-away! xx