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31 October 2012

Door Tour #2 {exploring a world of doors}

Last weekend we took a moment to blow out the cobwebs and visited one of our favourite places of historical interest, Aylesford Priory. If you're looking for quirky doors with a story to tell, this is where it's at.

Founded in the 13th Century by the Order of Carmelites, The Friars is a beautifully peaceful place whether or not you have religious groundings. There are pottery and upholstery workshop spaces on site and we picked up our very own hand-thrown salt pig whilst we were there which has pride of place in our kitchen now. 

There's a real sense of the Mediterranean about this place, from the piazza in the centre, to the white walled cloisters and giant Magnolia tree which winds its way around the side of a centuries old building, a few flowers still in bloom. 
The door I've chosen this week looks onto a courtyard and stands no taller than around 5ft. Everything is in miniature here, meaning it would've been built for people much shorter than we are now. I imagine that the person who lived here was a friar, I wonder how he spent his days?

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  1. Hello from Fellow BTW student! I love this post. I don't know what it is about doors! I love 'em too.

    You have to check out Design Sponge, they did an adorable tutorial on "little doors"
    Happy blogging