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26 October 2012

Illustrated Monthly - Cardboard Cities

In the second edition of Illustrated Monthly we're joined by illustrator Laura Redburn aka Cardboard Cities to explore what makes her tick. Her vintage-kitsch, mixed media collages caught my eye for her vivid take on surrealist art and the dream-like qualities of her work leaves it open to your own interpretation. I find her creations addictive to look at and almost feel familiar, as if taken from a still inside my head whilst I was asleep. Strangely beautiful, don't you think?


© Laura Redburn

• How did you find your way to illustration?
My whole life I have been interested in, and loved, art, and I knew from a very early age it's what I wanted to do with my life. So I had no choice really! I studied Art in school, and if I'm totally honest, I didn't learn much. I learned a LOT more by teaching myself, reading books and becoming immersed in what I loved. From then until 2006 I pretty much did nothing but draw and paint, it kept me alive and (somewhat) sane! Then in 2006 I studied Graphic Design in college which totally changed my life and really made me realise Art/Illustration/Design is what I was made for. I learnt so much in many ways and became much more focused on what I wanted to achieve from my artistic career. I became interested in and learnt more about collage through various projects and it seemed to come naturally to me, so, to me anyway, that's where it all began.

The Truest Thing We'd Ever Known

• Who or what influences your style? 
More than anything I am influenced by colour and nature. They are the things in this world I love the most and they make life worthwhile. I also love films and The Twilight Zone is one of my all time favourite things. Other than that, I love Dada, Expressionism, a lot of Abstract art, Surrealism, Folk Art...so many things that I could mention, but would be a never-ending list. Three artists in particular that inspired me when I first started getting into making collages were Kurt Schwitters, Robert Rauschenberg and David Hockney, especially his photomontages (I particularly love this one).

© Laura Redburn

All At Once, Disappeared
© Laura Redburn

• What's your process when you're working on a piece? 
Firstly I get out all my folders with magazine clippings and any books I might want to photocopy, then I look through them, taking out images that strike me in the moment. A lot of the time I don't have an idea in my head before I begin as I prefer to work on instinct, on how the images speak to me. Sometimes a composition will come to me within moments, but sometimes it takes quite a while of playing around to get them to look how I want. I will never force anything that doesn't feel right to me though. Then when I'm satisfied, I'll cut out and glue the images down. After that I scan into Photoshop, correct the colours, and sometimes adjust and add some elements if I feel it needs something extra I hadn't initially added. I very rarely make anything solely by digital means, but sometimes a project may call for it.

You're Doing It Wrong
© Laura Redburn

• What does your work say about you as an artist?
I find it hard to answer this sort of question without sounding clichĂ© and pretentious, but I am a dreamer and an escapist at heart who loves nature and colour and has a keen interest in many things vintage. I hope if nothing else it shows my love for what I do, as it's truly my life. I just want to make people happy and hopefully inspire a little imagination and help them escape from everyday life, if only for a few moments. 

Thanks for joining us today Laura and for giving us an insight into your process. If you fancy a piece of Cardboard Cities, you can purchase Laura's designs as prints, iPhone cases, t-shirts and tote bags here!

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  1. I had seen the work before but didn't know anything about the artist. Thank you so much for this interview and insight to Ms. Redburn's thought processes.