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20 October 2012

Instant Inspiration: The Instagram 7.

If like me, you spend a great deal of time uploading to and browsing Instagram you'll no doubt have your favourites to follow. For me, following these 7 people is the difference between feeling truly inspired and....well, not. As a keen iphoneographer, I intentionally shoot any images I take for use on my blog on my phone and then either do a quick edit from one of the many apps on my phone (I'll share them with you soon) or work from my desktop.

So, today's treat for the weekend is a deliciously delightful selection of my 7 favourite Instagrammers. Why 7? Well, it's my lucky number, why not?

Martina lives in a Scandinavian inspired dream of a home in Dublin. She has a penchant for black and white and I could live in her photos. 

Aiala Hernando
Aiala describes herself as "a food whisperer" and this couldn't be a more fitting description. You can view her mouth-wateringly beautiful imagery on a larger scale over on her blog, Just Aholic, too. 

Artist, photographer and all round pretty-darn-amazing Philippa Stanton has created a series called 'On The Table' which has drawn in thousands of followers. I always look forward to discovering her next post and what might be on the table at that moment in time.  

 Manek's Rules
Here's a little curve ball for you. Manek's Rules is purely for giggles, using animation character toys to create normal "human" situations. The storm trooper family series is a classic. 

Photographer Theron Humphrey's dog is the star of this show. A willing volunteer for daily giggles, he's a fun-loving dog. Check out Theron's project here and follow his journey.

Vivian Hoebe
Interior designer and stylist Vivian Hoebe has a truly beautiful home, it always looks so peaceful and I love the composition of the images she captures. And now she has a shop called byAprilandMay-look!

A Merry Mishap
If I'm looking to clear my head for a little while or perhaps pick up some inspiration, I head to A Merry Mishap, an interior design blog by Jennifer Hagler. She curates amazing, ever-changing displays from what she has in her home which she chooses to decorate in mostly black and white. Stunning.

So there's my top 7. Will you share yours with me?


  1. I had to come back to this post to let you know how much I have been enjoying your recommendations. I am fairly new to instagram, and had only really been following friends and family. Now I have multiple moments of fun and inspiration each day, I LOVE Theron Humphreys and Maggie, and Philippa Stanton's curated images are beautiful.
    I wish I had 7 to share with you in return, I only have 1...
    Jasper Fforde, a novelist who takes amazing images near his home in Wales and around the world on his book tours. Sometimes fun, sometimes just beautiful.

  2. Hello Jo!

    Thank you so much for your lovely comment-it's great to know that there are others who find my top picks inspiring. Maggie makes me laugh every day (did you see the last minute halloween paper bag outfit she wore?!) I'll take a look at Jasper Fforde and look forward to following him too.