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24 October 2012

NEW FEATURE! Door Tour (exploring a world of doors)

I'm absolutely fascinated by people's doors-especially old ones, aren't you? I like to think that your front door says something about you. Ok, so mine is extremely weathered and swelling from all the rain we've had, but in an ideal world I'd have one of those heavy Victorian front doors painted in a soft matt grey with a decorative brass knocker and letterbox. Perhaps I've thought about that too a little too much?!

When I get back from a holiday and trawl through my photos the one common theme I find is doors, so I thought, why not keep a little travel diary of some of my favourites from round my way. And here it is. Door Tour No.1. Imagine who the person is who lives behind this door in Rochester. I see a man in his late 50s, he's an educator and has a real passion for history. He feels most comfortable in his chinos and deck shoes and has an old ginger cat. Maybe his name is Jasper?


  1. I am obsessed with entrances and doors. Lovely portals as I like to think about it. Great opportunity for an awesome moment in an interior Beautiful blog! (BYW)

  2. Hi Tami,

    Portals is a great way to describe them-I feel drawn to them (obviously) and like to wonder who or what goes on behind them!