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2 November 2012

7 Ways To Fall In Love With Winter

© Tiffany Grant-Riley

1. Take a long walk out into the country on a crisp day when the skies are blue and the frost nips your nose.

2. Find your local bonfire night celebrations and enjoy an evening of "ooooohs and ahhhhhhhs".

3. Invest in your winter wardrobe. Buy a winter coat that you love, slippers to keep your feet snug and gloves to keep your hands toasty. I love the hand crocheted collection by Warm Yourself and these Popcorn Knit slippers from Accessorize.

4. Mull some wine (this is my absolute favourite recipe as it contains vanilla pod and I make it every year) or try my real hot chocolate.

5. Visit a winter market and immerse yourself in the atmosphere. Buy yourself some street food and check out some of the gifts and crafts.

6. Find a project to occupy your mind when the nights close in. You can still sign up for the Christmas Box Swap 2013 if you haven't already!

7. Winter is the season for comfort food and warmth, so cook up a storm! Bake a pie, make a hearty soup or get a slow-cook casserole in the oven whilst you concentrate on other things.

© Tiffany Grant-Riley

I hope you enjoyed my 7 ways! What do you love to do most in winter? Perhaps you like to bake or maybe just sit in front of the fire with a good book?


  1. Loving all of your 7 ways to fall in love with winter ...I would add coming home on a cold, dark night, hot bath, pj's on & snuggling on sofa for rest of the evening under a fluffy throw with a pile of magazines or a good book

  2. Hi tiffany. I'm more a Summer person, but after reading what you wrote - I am falling for winter. Great post - sometimes I need reminding to enjoy those little luxuries. See you at Holly's on Tuesday :) x

  3. I have to say I love the winter, mulled wine, snuggly jumpers, crisp walks and roaring fires......heaven! Lovely to meet you last night x

  4. Pleased that you feel inspired to get stuck into winter-it's a great excuse to get snuggly! Karen, I agree with the blankets and magazines too and I'm a devoted bath girl!