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8 November 2012

Bathroom Inspiration: Bottle Green, Black & White

Chaucer Road, Light Locations

Good afternoon everyone, how is your Thursday going? I was hit with a sudden surge of inspiration this morning so whilst it's fresh in my mind I'll share this with you now!

It might sound like an odd thing to say, but I've been thinking about this beautiful image from the Chaucer Road townhouse in Herne Hill ever since I pinned it earlier this week. An exuberant mix of Victoriana meets modern style, for me this is exactly how I would want my own bathroom to look had I the luxury of a roll-top bath and plenty of light. So, I set to putting together some inspiration that I could put into a journal ready for when we find our new home. Who knows, maybe I'll find a way to bring some of these elements into it?

The Look

I'm always drawn to green, almost without thinking about it. If I stand back and take a look around my home I realise that little touches of green have made their way everywhere. It has a calming, relaxing effect if used in the right way so it makes sense to use it in the bathroom-the one space where you'll spend a fair bit of your time at some point during the day. 

Using a crisp white base, I would bring in dark and bottle green tones in with metro tiles as a splash-back around the bath and sink (see below) and echo this around the room with a collection of sweet little green glass bottles and pots to sit on the windowsill perhaps. If the room isn't big enough for blocks of black (like the bath as pictured above) then display ferns and succulents inside black pots, it will bring out the vibrancy of the leaves too. 

via Saccardo Home Luxury

To soften the contrast in colour I love the idea of bringing in some soft lace-perhaps a re-purposed lace tablecloth made into a roman blind or simple screen over the window. I've also touched on the idea of introducing a little antique gold into the mix to create a little luxury. An old gilt mirror or a grouping of chunky gold candles would make a beautiful addition to the room. 

I hope my board has inspired you today! Does this look speak to you? What would make your perfect bathroom?


  1. I love your ideas. Thanks for the inspiration! Have been thinking black and white but also have tiny green glass tiles in my floor and couldnt think how to bring more green into the scheme. Love the lace idea too.

    1. I'm so happy you found this helpful! I put this together just before we found a house which had a bathroom with these exact elements-the white tiles mixed with a thin band of bottle green...put in an offer and got accepted. Then we lost it. Such a shame but I'll get my bathroom one day ;) Good luck creating yours!