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16 November 2012

Curate & Display #2: The Terrarium

Afternoon everyone-happy Friday! What does this weekend have in store for you? I've got to say that for once, I've no idea-feels quite good to have carte blanche!

During the week on our quest to find a new home, we viewed a sweet little place up near Rochester castle. Owned by a former potter turned horticulturalist, this house was full of character in both the original Victorian features and the items she'd chosen to furnish her home with. We fell in love with the little mementos of a life well lived- the notches on the doorway marking her children's growth, her collection of Midwinter crockery hidden behind a built in cupboard in the dining room and the lovingly used mid-century dining table which played host to many a family meal. If we'd been left to our own devices temptation would've won over and we'd be pouring over the family photos and sneaking in drawers. Ok, perhaps a little creepy, but this home really said something about the owner, it was far from perfect but it was lived in and that's what we loved.

In light of this, I felt inspired to show you another Curate & Display in which I take an inspiring example of an area in someone's home and show you how you can recreate the look in your own.

via Design*Sponge

I love this distressed old kitchen table/cupboard unit that's been transformed into a cabinet and storage area. Its surface provides a great space on which to display a mini-garden dotted with large glass terrariums and smaller brass and terracotta pots. The addition of the gold animal ornaments gives it a humorous quality (plus gold animals are so hot right now) and the collection of carefully chosen art grouped on the wall above the table ties it together nicely. Gorgeous, don't you think?


Get The Look

1. Bevin Beech Based Domes | Rowen & Wren
2. Zinc Topped Kitchen Cupboard | Katie Bonas
3. Etch Tea Light Holder | Tom Dixon

Have a wonderful weekend and those taking part in the Christmas Box Swap this year-keep those eyes peeled! 

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