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6 November 2012

Goodbyes & New Beginnings

I'm going to go slightly off-topic for today's post to make a little announcement. Bear with me...

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What's The News?
Back in August I finished my last wedding. It was possibly the hottest day of the year and one I'd been asked to plan and style by an old friend of mine from my days at the London School of Samba. Having made the decision to make this summer's season of weddings my last, I felt that this would be the most fitting to bow out on. Despite the sweltering heat, it was the most beautiful day filled with Israeli and Brazilian music, hot pinks and yellows, paper globes, random gatecrashing chickens and a BBQ of kings (completely unrelated I might add).

It was almost six years ago that I launched Grant-Riley Weddings from our little back room and went on to help some wonderful couples to have the wedding they wanted-some of whom have become very good friends. As a profession it has given me amazing opportunities from working with some of the best in the industry, insights into venues which are normally closed off to the public (I love having a nosey!) collaborating as a team on various shoots and indeed having my work featured in the top bridal publications and blogs.

What's Next Then?
I've been working as a stylist professionally for the past 18 months along side the planning, but as life reached a point where the two were beginning to fight against each other and it meant that less time was spent with my son, something had to give. Believe me, it took a lot of soul searching, advice from family and plenty of doubt but I'm 100% certain that I've made the right choice.
For the last few months I've been working with a brilliant design team, Jolly Bureau, who have helped me rebrand as 'Tiffany Grant-Riley' and going forward I'll be styling for weddings, events and photo shoots in a more focused capacity. I feel ready for an (almost) new start and very excited to see what the next year will have in store!

I've also been working really hard on The Curiosity Project to focus on my love of interior style, independent British and European designers, home DIY and of course, my own work as a stylist. It has a long way to go yet (sigh) and a complete make-over to under go, but I hope you'll make yourself at home here.

The website is on its way but in the meantime, you can still follow me on Twitter and Facebook as always.

So, thank you for all your support over the years! I do hope to still see some of you out and about and that you'll stop by for a natter sometimes.

Tiff x


  1. Good luck, Tiff. I know you'll rock at whatever you decide to focus on xxxx

  2. Wow, exciting times Tiffany, it's so hard making big life changing decisions like that so well done and good luck for the move forwards xx

  3. How bloomin exciting!!! I wish you lots of wonderful and exciting times ahead Tiffany.... enjoy - I love lifes chapters and how we close doors and open new ..... your styling is beautiful so I look forward to being inspired xxxxxx

  4. Good luck lovely lady! Totally the right decision and how exciting for you. Behind you all the way and can't wait to see what you come up with :)

  5. Good luck! It sounds like you have a very exciting time ahead of you.

    Malin, BYW