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17 November 2012

Surprises In The Post

This morning a shiny new stamp arrived from the designers who created my new branding, Jolly Bureau. I've absolutely loved working with them on it so it was a real treat to receive this gift in the post. If you love their style you should check out their feature on Illustrated Monthly under their sister business, Jolly Edition (they're my sponsors too!)

Super-gorgeous packaging and my awesome new stamp! 

If you registered for this year's Christmas Box Swap then you should by now have received your own little surprise in your inbox in the form of your participants details. I had a blast reading snippets about your lives, from your hobbies and work to your tastes in home decor. My readers are a seriously stylish bunch! 

Our database had a few problems with a couple of entrants who missed off some of the fields when they entered-all without an email address so we couldn't match your details with someone. If you find your name on the list below, please check in with me and leave a comment below so that I can get you back onboard-I'd hate to leave anyone out!

☞ Susannah Ashworth
☞ Ashley Larter
☞ Shakira Hylton 
☞ Sarah Coates
☞ Alison Freeman
☞ Theresa Brockington
☞ Laura Francis

Well, I'm off to continue house-hunting this weekend so I'll be back on Monday with another Curb Your Curiosity interview-you'll love this one!


  1. Hi - I realised that I'd left the email off the second I clicked send so re-sent the details & messaged you. I have an email today telling me who I am to send my parcel to so hopefully there will be one coming my way too! Susannah Ashworth

  2. Oooh I'm Ashley Larter! It would be me...useless!! Email address is ashmox@live.co.uk
    Thank you!