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20 November 2012

Time For A Change

Last night I had a bit of a eureka moment-it was only a bit because I've yet to discover the answer, but at the very least I now I have the direction. I'm not talking in riddles, I promise. 

Last month I took the Decor8 'Blogging Your Way Bootcamp' course to help me whip this little blog into shape. It exposed all the areas that need work, forced me to ask serious questions about where I would like it to go and how I want it to look. I now have a list as long as my arm of things I want to adjust and change, but I could really use your help with this...

Question 1: Do I change the name? 
When The Curiosity Project first began, it's sole purpose was as a platform to host my box swaps and to allow our little community to connect. Since then, it's become much more than that- it's evolved into a space to share my passion for home decor and independent designers and it'll soon become the place I share my journey in finding a new house and making it home. Somehow the name just doesn't work anymore-don't you think? So, should I change it to something that relates to its subject? 

Question 2: Would you like a separate 'micro site' for the projects detached from the main site?
I'm considering building a micro site which you can easily access from the main blog, keeping the name 'The Curiosity Project' to keep it simple purely for box swaps and other online community related projects. I thought it would make it all a lot easier for those who would prefer to keep an eye on the projects but not the main part of the blog and vice versa. What do you think to that? 

Whilst I find myself the time and space to really think about it all, I'm taking a 10 day break to get focused and come back kicking blogging butt again. In the meantime, I would really love to hear your thoughts about it all-times are changing and as my readers your thoughts are important to me!

I'm excited to see those Christmas boxes coming in on our flickr page and I'll keep an eye out for my favourites ready to feature as they come in.

Enjoy yourselves and see you soon!


  1. I think the curiousity project should keep its own name and have its own identity. The rest could be on a linked site, and could have a linked name, like the curiousity blog?

  2. I agree, I think you should definitely keep 'the curiosity project' as a slightly separate entity, with links too and from this blog, it would be a shame i think to completely lose the name you have already established.

  3. I agree with Suzi, I really like the name 'The Curiosity Project'. I think it does build a sense of community and sounds like a bit of an adventure. I'm curious, why do you feel such a need to separate? Is it because you want to start adding something other than projects?

    x Elena @ Randomly Happy

  4. Hi Elena,

    The main body of the blog is more focused around home decor and lifestyle now than it used to be and the projects that I run aren't always a regular thing, so I wonder if I move the projects on to a micro site then it won't alienate the readers who enjoy the projects and put off those who come to read about home decor. Does that make sense?

  5. Hi Tiff, I can see your point of trying to split the two. Although I joined the Christmas box swap this year ( in fact, just filled my box and will post this weekend), I have only been reading your main home page - on design/decor etc. I've just looked at the box swap link page and can see it is different aesthetically to your main blog here. Difficult one, but you should just go with what your gut instinct is. I'm getting my site redesigned but haven't had any quiet time to really drill down to what I want. I know how you feel :) x

  6. Hi Tiff, I can see both sides of this. One thing I would say though is that a lot of blogs I read now don't just focus on one subject matter and I think a lot of readers like the variety - it shows different aspects of the blogger and that's engaging. But as Geraldine said, you gotta go with your gut instinct :-)

  7. the whole of my year (behind the scenes) has been about new stepping stones and chapters...it is important to do what you feel intuitively is right but most imporatantly what excites you most - it is this excitement, fun and passion that you pass onto us ol' readers xxx enjoy your stepping back time xxxxxxx