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19 December 2012

DIY Metallic Gold Clay Gift Tags

 I'm having a bit of a love affair with air drying clay right now. You're thinking "what the?!" aren't you? I know, it's weird after I decided I was going to make all our gifts for family and friends this year and I discovered this gorgeous little bowl tutorial via Sodapop I decided to give it a go and create some custom tags to adorn my brown paper packages (tied with baker's twine, naturally). It was fun to wander around the house finding every day items to impress into the clay -here's what I used...

You Will Need:

☞ Air drying clay-I used the white variety and picked mine up at Hobbycraft.
☞ A round template to cut around-I used a tea light holder.
☞ Items to make impressions with -here I used little stamps, a key from my vintage Singer sewing  machine, a crocheted doily and some olive leaves from the tree in the garden. 
☞ A knife to cut out your clay.
☞ Rolling pin -I used a non stick plastic pin which I use to roll out cake icing for a smooth finish.
☞ A non stick surface on which to roll out your clay.
☞ A thin spatular. 
☞ Fine sandpaper. 
☞ White acrylic paint.
☞ Gold paint -I used ceramic paint but you could also use acrylic. 
☞ Mod Podge in matt or another sealant glue. 
☞ A couple of different sized paint brushes (one for general coverage and one for fine detail).
☞ A straw or something to make the holes to tie them.

Step One
Roll out your clay and make impressions into it. Make sure you leave enough space between each one so that your template will fit. Place your template over the top of each impression and cut around it with a sharp knife. 

Step Two
Push a straw into the clay to make the hole for your thread, carefully lift the clay tag off the surface with a spatular and place on a plate or board somewhere to try for about 24 hours (I used our airing cupboard).

Step Three
Once your clay is dry (and it has to be dry before you do anything else, so be patient and leave it a little longer if it's not) gently smooth any rough edges with the sand paper. 

Step Four
Finally, you can put on a coat of paint. Start with mixing white acrylic paint with a little of the Mod Podge and cover one side, then the other once dried. Once you've got your white base, get cracking with the gold! I used it as an accent to highlight the imprints in the clay. Be prepared to apply more than one coat to get even coverage but it's worth it. Then finally add a single coat of Mod Podge or another matt sealant and voila! 

They're ready to attach to your ribbon or string of choice and will beautifully adorn any gift! Alternatively you could also use these to beautify your Christmas tree-two of these made their way to Holland last week and are now hanging on a gorgeous tree. Sweet and simple.

Top Tip:
I've allocated my tags based on the design (e.g. mum gets the key) but if you'd prefer to write on the back of them, use a ceramic pen and do this before you add your final coat of Mod Podge to seal it. 


  1. These are so cute and so simple, love them!

  2. Really like this tutorial.....you had me at clay + gold!