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21 December 2012

I Love Macarons!

See those beautifully formed macarons right there? They're mine. Yep, that's right, made by my own fair hands.

I'd tried earlier in the year full of intrepid glee having purchased this utterly beautiful book, 'I Love Macarons', with no success. Believe it or not, there is more than one way to bake a macaron. I used the French method. They came out flat and I was crushed with disappointment-I can't stand not getting something right on the first go! Each day as I passed that book on the shelf it left me with an annoying frustration of failure and I'd promised myself to try it again with a different method. So, as a late birthday gift the husband sent me on a short macaron making course at the Waitrose Cooking School on the Finchley Road. It was a revelation and two hours later, I emerged with a box of absolutely beautiful pistachio and raspberry buttercream macarons (this time we used the Italian meringue method). Look! They held their shape!

To mark this momentous occasion I spent the following morning styling them up with some items I'd found around my home and thought I'd share them with you today...

The gold teacup and saucer on which they sit dates from the late 1800s and I bought it as part of the table decor for our wedding four years ago. Possibly one of the most precious things I own, and the macarons look so delicate against them, don't you think?

Ok, so I have a bit of a way before I'm really confident (I cooked a failed batch yesterday...and I may have had a tiny tantrum) but it takes the professionals years to train so I'm in no rush!

Have you tried at macarons and succeeded, or do you prefer to stick to consuming them? Where's the best place you've tasted some? I'm always looking for good recommendations!

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