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22 December 2012

New Year Wishes & Thanks

I'm heading off now to enjoy the festive period with my family and friends and will be back on January 7th (my lucky number) to kick-start a brand new year. As much as I love to blog and connect with you all, I think it's important to make time for life to happen away from the internet for a while, experience new things (take more photos too!) and come back refreshed and inspired. 2013 has some potentially fantastic experiences and milestones in store for us and I can't wait to share them with you when the time is right.

This year will be our son's 3rd Christmas (he's two now) and he's getting to the age where he recognises what Christmas is and can take part in it. Yesterday we spent the day making cinnamon and cardamom Babka together, weighing out the ingredients, letting him taste things and knead the bread with me. I think he was really proud! It's incredibly exciting to realise that it's now my turn as his mum to make this time of year magical for him as it was for me and my siblings...I just wish I could stop him playing with the tree! This will also be our last Christmas in our present home of 11 years, so there will some mixed feelings I'm sure. Above is a shot taken from our tree yesterday. The Kashmiri baubles are without doubt my favourites, they are delicately hand painted and I just love their colours.

All that's left is for me to thank my wonderful readers both old and new for continuing to return to this little blog, connect with me on Facebook and Twitter or email me in person. I'm still pretty small-fry at the moment but I have big plans and knowing that I have your support means a great deal to me.
Thanks also to the incredibly skilled and talented designers who take the time to Curb our Curiosity and let us into their creative world every fortnight. You're all an inspiration!

So, I wish you all a happy and beautiful Christmas wherever you are and a very happy new year!

See you soon,

Tiff x.

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  1. Have a wonderful and magical Christmas - it's so lovely with small children... Joyeux Noël xo