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6 January 2013

De-cluttering & The Last Of The Christmas Swaps!

I'm baaaaack! Did you miss me? I'm (pretty much) raring to go now having spent the last week erasing Christmas from the house and having a really good clean and de-clutter. I can't stand seeing anything Christmassy beyond the end of December and although it might be considered bad luck to take down your decs before twelfth night, the idea of going into the new year with last year still clinging on doesn't inspire me much. Out with the old, in with the new I say! We had our offer on a house accepted after new year and there was a flurry of viewings in our home over the weekend so things are certainly moving!

This new year's eve I made a concerted effort to clear my mind and sat down with my favourite pen and a printed copy of Susannah Conway's 'Unravelling The Year Ahead' workbook and set to work. 2012 was a year of difficult decisions (leaving my wedding planning career to focus on styling for one) and major shifts and changes, so this year has to be one in which the results of those decisions come into reality in a positive way, always moving forward.  Like many of us I had some ghosts to put to rest, some of which I'd been carrying around for so long I'd forgotten what it was like to live without them. They were beginning to shape me and I didn't want to be defined by them anymore. I feel so much lighter and freer without them now too. It's not going to easy to break old habits but having a clear focus really helps. I still refuse to make resolutions because I feel they're just flimsy promises you make to break and feel guilty about for the rest of the year but I did decide to change my attitude towards some things. Dealing with stress and pressure for example-we all feel it, but often it's created in our heads and we think ourselves into this awful hole assuming the whole world will fall apart if we don't continue doing something within an unrealistic time frame. Sometimes I feel it with blogging and having accountability to my readership, as if I don't post every day I'll lose you all. It's actually ridiculous because for one, generally on a day to day basis no one has time to read a blog every day without fail. It gets to a point where I'm stressing about what to post more than concentrating on good quality content and forgeting to actually live...

With this in mind I decided to post regularly just 3 times a week: Monday, Wednesday & Friday. It gives me time to write inspiring and engaging posts to connect with you and time for me to breathe, be creative and spend time with my family guilt free. Sounds ok doesn't it? Sigh.


Anyway! On to sharing the last of my favourites from our gorgeously festive 2012 Christmas Box Swap! Watching you all chat about your gifts on our Facebook page was really wonderful and of course, seeing your loots uploaded to Flickr was exciting-you were like a bunch of kids at Christmas! It would seem your kids also got into the spirit of pilfering items from your boxes too!

Photo by Ecstacyrain

Photo by Jo Loves Calico

Photo by mad_wee_yin

Thus, we reach the end of our amazing Christmas project! Thank you for taking it to heart and treating your recipient to something really special this year. If, by a stroke of bad luck you didn't receive your box, please do email in and I will put you in touch with your would-be sender.
There are no excuses for not partaking properly (it really does make me cross) so if you never received an email to confirm your registration, speak up, it's not too late to put a smile on someone's face! These projects only really work if everyone puts in the effort!

I hope you'll continue to have a natter with me from time to time here or on my other social networking sites, it's always a pleasure. I spent much of the Christmas break relaxing with Pinterest too, so be sure to check out my boards for home inspiration!

Have a great week and see you on Wednesday...

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  1. Great post. It's honest and very much describes how I feel. I haven't made any "resolutions" either but instead, just like you, have decided to deal differently with stress, try and compare myself less to others and actually appreciate some things more. I have exactly the same "problem" (yes, it's like moaning about something good) with blogging: I love blogging as such, love to engage with my readers, but simply don't have the time to reply to all the lovely comments which in turn causes me to stress about it as I feel like I'm being rude...

    Anyway, I hope your week is off to a good start. It would be great to meet up, I have a feeling we might have a lot to chat about... xo