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11 January 2013

Nice Rack! An Industrial Update

It might not be considered normal to get excited about a plate rack, but guess what? I did. As an important piece of kitchen storage finding the right one to fit "you" can be like buying a pair of shoes with awkward shaped feet (I have those too). In fact, it seems to run in the family because my mother, rather than plumping for any old rack actually got her DIY on fifteen years ago and made her own and it still has its pride of place in the kitchen.

Given the lack of space in our hobbit hole, we don't yet have the luxury of owning our own but I'm delighted to say that I've found the very one for our new home...

Meet Jen and Nick, the geniuses behind The Plate Rack...

"We travelled 4164 miles to bring you what we think is the world's greatest plate rack. 
It is brilliantly simple and utilitarian so works well with absolutely anything that is lucky enough to be put on it."

Made from stainless steel, the rack comes fully assembled and can be stacked on top of another or displayed side by side as it takes your fancy. And you don't just have to use it for your crockery either -store your breakfast staples for easy access, favourite cook books or even for craft supplies.

I love the simple versatility of it, it becomes a true player in the kitchen without the need to show off.

Ok, I'll stop waxing lyrical now, but I'll finish by letting you know that although these bad boys sold out just before Christmas there will be plenty more in stock at the end of January so check back to the site then if you just have to have one.

This weekend I'm heading out to the Home London exhibition to catch up with some old friends and meet new designers. I'll be armed with the latest and most covetable designs when I get back ready to share with you next week. Watch this space!


  1. What a great find Tiff. Liking that industrial yet contemporary look. Great excuse to display the plates - mine are all hidden away in drawers at the moment :( Hope you are feeling better and hope to meet some time soon xx

  2. I can certainly get excited about a plate rack, especially when it looks as great as this one! Shame that I don't have the space in my little kitchen and wouldn't be allowed to create that space either as I'm renting...

    Hope you enjoyed Home London - I was there as I was "on duty" at TopDrawer for my day job and I always take the opportunity to have a wander around the Home part.

    Have a lovely evening xo