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16 November 2013

DIY Ceramic-Look Vase

Flicking through a copy of Ariadne at Home magazine recently, I fell in love with these gorgeous ceramic pots by Dutch design and architecture duo Studio PS and I was inspired to create a DIY tutorial based on their Taped design. It just so happened that I (rather randomly) had a roll of Modroc plaster in my office that I'd pinched about twelve years ago during a theatre project. Yes, I know. So I put it to good use and put together this tutorial for you, should you wish to get a little mucky with some plaster...

You Will Need...

A selection of jars or pots and...

Step One:
Make up a small 50/50 mix of paint and Mod-Podge and cover your jar in a thin coating. This will act as a base for the plaster to adhere to. Leave it to dry completely.

Step Two:
Here's the fun part! Turn your jar upside down, carefully wet a strip of the Modroc, gently squeeze off any excess water without scrunching it up and apply it onto the jar by smoothing it down with your finger. Repeat this process all the way round and then begin your next layer, slightly overlapping the first until you reach halfway, then turn the jar the right way up and continue. When you reach the lip of the jar, fold your final layer of plaster just  over the top to neaten it off and leave it to completely dry.

Step Three:
Now the plaster is completely dry, make up another 50/50 mix of your paint to Mod-Podge and add the first layer of paint to your jar. Don't be tempted to overload your brush as you'll lose the texture of the plaster if you add too much paint in one go. Wait for it to dry again before you add another coat, should you wish to. You can add a simple block of colour to your jar by masking off your area, painting it and then leaving it to dry before you remove the tape. Make sure that you add a coat of slightly watered down Mod-Podge to any unpainted areas to make sure it's completely sealed.

And you're ready to use your vase. You might like to keep your paint brushes in it on your office desk (as I've done with the grey one) or simply fill it with flowers.  



  1. Oh my word-I made some of these over the summer too Tiff! This is a fabulous diy post-well done you-and I love the end result! XX

  2. Love the colours and texture…..great idea!