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28 November 2013

How To Stitch A Patchwork Present

The Curiosity Project's foundations were built on the act of gifting. It's that time of year (again) when we're turning our thoughts towards Christmas, what we think our loved ones would like to receive and fielding questions in return, asking what we would like too. I always struggle with this, mainly because I spend so much time seeking out the perfect gifts that I completely forget about myself. Call it my age, but these days I'm quite picky about presents. We had a really good de-clutter when we moved which felt fantastically liberating and so anything that comes into our house now has to be useful, needed or just generally beautiful (a bit like the William Morris ethos). I would prefer to have one really good quality gift (like an Eames lounge chair or a Karmann Ghia in gun metal grey...hint-hint) than lots of little things that end up shelved and unwanted. In reality though, we stick to things we know our loved ones can afford so as not to offend or seem rude. And yes, it's the thought that counts, but now there's another way of looking at it...

I was really excited to hear from this brilliant new company, Patchwork Present who have created a site which allow your friends and family to contribute towards something that you really want but perhaps couldn't afford on your own steam. Think of it has a wedding gift list, but better. In fact, that's how it all started for founder Olivia Knight who custom built a gift site to help fund a family honeymoon to Cuba. Having already made a nest with her partner of ten years and had two children together it made no sense to go down the conventional toaster and coaster route. They instead decided they'd love to experience a holiday of a lifetime with their little family and so they divided their honeymoon into a selection of experiences their guests could contribute towards should they wish. We actually did something very similar for our own wedding but very much wished there was something that could've done this for us at the time. It felt really special to know that our parents had gifted us our flights, friends had paid for dinner on the beach and Great Aunt Dot had covered a boat trip, because we could think of each person whilst we were there and tailor a thank you to them afterwards.
This neat little video with Olivia perfect illustrates the concept...

How does it work? It's quite simple. Just register your details, then start building your patchwork gift. It could have several components that you need to make up a whole, or it could be one item using images from the stock gallery or of your own. Price up each section, enter your PayPal details and voila, you'll end up with your own unique url to send to friends and family who can start to contribute towards your Patchwork Present! 

I think it's a great idea which helps take away the pressure of gift buying too. I wonder how many of you will be signing up to this over Christmas...what do you think?

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  1. What a cool idea! I straight away know one friend who might really like a present like this.

    Moving is a great time to declutter and it's such a great feeling to get rid of stuff we don't need anymore. Just the other week I took a whole car boot full of stuff to the charity shop which felt so good - until I got a £65 parking ticket because I had misread the parking restrictions outside the shop... :-/

    Have a lovely weekend xo